I recently bought a new pair of gym leggings at Target. I went to self checkwith my leggings, Cascade, toilet paper, and some candy for my Daughter’s Easter basket. Rang myself up and left the store.

When I got home, I put all the things away, and tossed the receipt- I didn’t need it. I was keeping everything I bought.

Big mistake.

I went to put on the leggings the next day and realized that Target now puts sensors on all the clothes, even the inexpensive athletic ware.

I know I don’t have the receipt. I know I can’t wear the shorts with the sensor on it.


I call Target and I relate my tale of woe.

The rep at Target says just come in, show us ID, and we’ll take the tag off.

I am grateful to Target for not giving me grief and figuring out a workaround to my issue.

If you need some prompts for mindfulness or journaling:


Step lightly

Gratitude acknowledges connection…when we contemplate our place in the intricate, independent network of life, we feel wonder and joy. Robert A. Emmons

Celebrate any progress. Don’t wait to get perfect. Ann McGee-Cooper

36 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday and Such

      1. Not me, I once stood in a long line for twenty minutes. The clerk overseeing the self-checkout’s came up and tried to entice me and others to use the self-checkout. I looked askance at her and said, “Why would I subject my self to the horrors of self-checkout? Instead of trying to get people to use that, why don’t you open up another register and then we won’t have to wait as long.”

        She gave me a puzzled look and then turned away dejected. I knew that she was only doing her job, but I would rather wait or go somewhere else, then use a self-checkout.

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  1. I detest self-checkout and the kids use it all the time. How easy is it for someone to place a chip or whatever the bad guys do to get your card info? Happened to me once at a restaurant with one of those machines on the table. Plus, yes, you’re taking the job away from someone. I’m not being paid to be customer service. Sorry, rant over.

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  2. I try not to use self check out but I find more and more stores are closing registers which makes longer lineups. It reminds of the story about slowing boiling a frog in a pan of water. It seems to me that reduction of service is poor choice – if there is no personal service then online shopping will kill these stores. I stay with companies based on how they treat me and in my experience dealing with many businesses when I need help I get it. If you buy your furniture online and then need a repair or something – don’t ask that store for assistance if you didn’t support them with the purchase.

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    1. At my local target there’s always someone stationed there, so I’m assuming they take off sensors. This is new at my target, so need to figure it out


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