• I know a lot of you come for the food, but alas this chicken cobb without egg was the most dressy food I ate this week…
  • Birthday Candles on Broadway- Debra Messing does an admirable job of playing a woman from 17 to, I think, 108. Not really a drama, and some fun comic moments. I did enjoy this cleverly paced journey.
  • Broadway Sing Queen was awesome. It’s pretty much Broadway performers singing songs from Queen…Above is Tony nominated Jarrod Spector singing “Under Pressure” and bringing it all! Just a great evening…
  • I’m assuming CNN is doing a marketing campaign but it was fun to look at
  • Plaza Suite on Broadway with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. Ok- where do I start? Love Neil Simon, but I think this late sixties play just misses the 21st century mark. The first act is a bore- Broderick seems stiff and lifeless. The second act is better, where the chemistry between the two shines. The 3rd act is the best, funny, real and tender. Parker does a good job with her sarcastic jabs and is just adorable throughout…
  • I love the Brooklyn Botanic on an overcast day…there’s a sense of peace… and all the blooms!!
  • i sort of love what the Met calls the Balcony Lounge and encompasses Galleries 204 and 205…it’s just a beautiful space. Galleries 173 and 174 are scheduled to be renovated later in the year. Next week I explore more of Asian Art.

Ok- Tilly asked to see the shoes, specifically the day to day sandals, and my dressy flat sandals, but once I had the storage boxes out I just took pictures of everything…The thing about taking out all the shoes to look at means that you look at the condition. My beloved striped converse probably need to be replaced…they are really worn down, and I’d say there is nothing left to the heel…So I guess I have to go shoe shopping…

38 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: 4/3/22

  1. The Go to’s all have symmetry of sorts. You my friend, have style. ❤️The BBG photo of the tree and the foreboding sky. I just watched an incredibly suspenseful film last night WAIT UNTIL DARK (1967).

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  2. The gorgeous blooms in your spring are highlight, for me. Thank you always for sharing your lovely world.

    And oh, how nice the prospect of shoe shopping! Have fun with it. Thanks to remote work, I haven’t bought any new pair for about two years now. Something I’m super proud of. 🙂

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    1. I love the flowers!! They make me smile every single time! And I admit…when I looked at my shoes I realized how run down they are! I bought very few shoes the past two years


  3. LOOK AT THOSE FLOWERS!! We got a little snow on Saturday, but it melted by evening. However, the snow made our grass greener, and now it finally looks like spring!

    Your shoe situation is far more orderly than our garage shoe situation. 🙂

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    1. Not that you asked, but I’ll share my show storage with you. I have three big canvas boxes. One of them holds shoes that have a specific purpose…snow, hiking, and special occasion. One box holds all the shoes appropriate for the time of year, plus rain boots. The other box holds shoes for other times of year. My nicer shoes are kept in canvas shoe bags and if delicate, in a shoebox.I keep gym sneakers with workout stuff and slippers next to my bed😆 but yes…the flowers are gorgeous!!

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      1. That is really well-organized! In the garage, we have a tall shelf unit. We’ve been storing shoes in the garage since COVID. But it’s gotten so messy because we just kick our shoes off as we go in the door. 😦

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    1. Yes they did that song. However, there’s a lot of give and take to how the songs are performed. Some singers chose to slow the tempo, as was done with we will rock you…it was almost jazzy

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      1. It was really very cool! It’s funny, but it was mainly the female singers who did really different interpretations of wanting to make the song their own. The male singers did the mercury rock versions

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