I love live performances. (though I wasn’t so thrilled to get an invitation to buy Pearl Jam tickets at 4m a ticket) But when reasonable priced, I love attending live events.

Tony Award nominations come out in May, which means that there is a plethora of new shows opening in March and April- well in normal years anyway…COVID kind of crushed that for the past few years…(FYI- I saw Hangman on Broadway the night before the lights went down in 2020…)

But now, shows that were supposed to happen in 2020 are full steam ahead. I was thrilled to see Birthday Candles this week, as well as Plaza Suite, and tomorrow I will attend The Minutes. I am also scouting out other shows that only have two word titles…

So I am grateful to get back to broadway- I plan on giving my regards as often as possible this award season…I am grateful to all those who have stuck with this profession and continue to act and sing and dance and produce and whatever else it takes to make a live performance happen.

If you need a prompt for mindfulness or journaling:


Open mind, closed mind

No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude. Alfred North Whitehead

There is no wealth but life. John Ruskin

50 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday and Such: 4/2/22

  1. Well you know about us and our concerts. I was interested in seeing Tina, which came out right before the pandemic so I’m keeping my eyes open for that. We have a few good theaters in SF that are easy to get to and have seen some good shows.

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      1. I was just at a third party ticket broker site that offered “cheap” seats for Pearl Jam at the Garden for $400, I’d be curious to know what scam sent you that email ? I would never spend more than $100 for a concert ticket although with fees these days it’s impossible not to, even if you spend less that $100

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      2. This was from Ticketmaster!! I think they call it PJ club. That’s the bad part…it was legit and authorized, and most of the tickets have sold

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      3. Omg that’s pretty damn awful… although I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a meet & greet package deal. The one and only time I spent $1000 on a concert was to meet my favorite band at the time, got a bunch of swag and front row tickets too.

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      4. Wow I just looked into that premium ticket bullshit on the ticketmaster site. No band is worth $1000’s of dollars per ticket with nothing included but the seat you sit in.

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  2. We all suffered from the restrictions of the lockdown, but your post is a good reminder of the difficulties those working in live theater experienced. I’m glad the arts are alive again. I know the artists did creative things during the lockdown, but in person is such a different experience. Enjoy!

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