A few weeks ago one of my blog friends wrote about how many shoes she owned and we got into a discussion about what the “right” amount of shoes is. I’d read that the average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes and I, rather smugly, said that I had exactly 19 pairs of shoes. For some reason I thought it was a badge of honor that I was average in this category- I take some sort of weird pride in not owning too much of things.

Well, it turns out that I was wrong about the number of shoes that I own…

I actually own slightly more than 19 pairs…

I am a little annoyed that I own that many shoes and I was more annoyed that when I counted them out in my head without looking, I had shoes that I forgot I owned.

How do you forget shoes that you own? Doesn’t that mean that you don’t like them or wear them enough?

And are there shoes that I tend to wear more often? The theory is that the average woman owns 19 pairs, but really only wears four of them regularly.

Today, I am going to list all the shoes that I own, and we are going to figure out which ones to get rid of: (the shoes in bold are the ones I wear the most)

  1. knee high snow boots- practical and well made, but I haven’t worn much
  2. shorter snow books- furry lined, super waterproof, I find these are my go to boots when it snows small to medium, or when there is slush on the ground
  3. short black rain boots- It rains here and I walk a lot
  4. Gym sneakers- I wear these probably 350 days of the year
  5. waterproof hiking sandals- bought specifically for a vacation trip I don’t know how often I will use, but I don’t feel I should ditch them
  6. black suede pumas- My go to fall/winter shoe- though they are at least two years old and starting to wear inside and out
  7. white canvas sneakers- for some reason I don’t wear these much
  8. grey striped slip on sneaker- spring/summer staple
  9. black leather slip on sneaker- never seem to come out ahead of black pumas
  10. knee high suede boots- I wear these if I wanted to be “dressed” but the weather isn’t so great- starting to fray a bit
  11. knee high black leather boots– I love these boots
  12. grey faux snakeskin booties- these pinch at the toes a little and I think they are very 2018
  13. black leather booties- I love these but they only work with slacks which I don’t wear that often
  14. grey suede workboots- love these, but only work in late fall/winter and only go with leggings
  15. black mid calf moto boots– these go three seasons and are super comfortable and not polished leather so can be worn if weather is iffy
  16. black suede ballet flats– these are my spring and fall go to shoe
  17. block heel casual sandal- hmmm…why do I keep these?
  18. flat black casual sandal– love. love.love
  19. walking sandal (like a teva)- so easy to throw on and walk a lot
  20. low wedge dressy/strappy sandal with crystals – these are my new special occasion shoes and are supremely comfortable
  21. black furry lined slip on clogs– I wear these when writing, and when I’m wandering around the house
  22. pink fuzzy open toe slippers that I wear with my dressing gown (no fooling- very Nora Charles but no heel) they make me feel glam and adorable and I love them

So which shoes go?

Clearly I’m ditching the heeled casual sandal. Who am I kidding? I’m never walking anywhere in something with a heel. Especially casually.

And while I’m putting things in the give away bag, the faux snakeskin booties are going. Not worth it for the pain they cause.

The black suede knee high boots are also a toss because they are starting to fray and not worth repairing.

Black suede sneakers are a toss because they don’t have much life left. However, I can’t imagine not replacing them because I LOVE THEM.

I have to figure out why I don’t wear the slip on sneakers and the white canvas sneakers. I love the look of them so why don’t I put them on? I need to start wearing them.

I am pleased that I wear 50% of my shoes with regularity. And I’m happy that I really do love the majority of what I own.

But now it’s your turn-

How many shoes do you own, and how often do you wear them? Are there any shoes in your wardrobe that can be ditched? What are you sending to the donation pile? Which shoes can you just not get rid of?

FYI- I didn’t put in pictures because I was too lazy. If you want to see pictures of any of the shoes, comment and I will drop a picture on Sunday

97 thoughts on “Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

  1. I haven’t counted but I know I have shoes I can get rid of. I love shoes but I’ve become more practical in my retirement. I love wearing heals but only have a couple pairs now because there are so few occasions where I need them. I mostly wear slip ons (several Skechers) and sandals in the summer. You’ve reminded me I’m due to purge!!

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    1. Also being retired and “old” and still a touch arthritic, even after replacing my right hip which may have caused more problems than it solved, I know I still have way too many shoes. However, I already got rid of a bunch of the shoes I knew I would never wear again, usually those with heels, after my last cross-country move. I have purchased a few more pairs in the two years I have lived here and, although there are some I don’t wear as often as I “should”, I just can’t bring myself to get rid of them, or the “athletic” shoes that tie and thus give me some difficulty but which I hope to have reason to use again someday!

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  2. Pretty confident that my dear daughter is above average, though she has got rid of some shoes so maybe she is at 19. LOL! I have 11, and they do all get worn, though at different times of the year. But I really could ditch some too that are pretty worn out. But I wear shoes til they are really worn because I hate shopping for them! My foot is so small that it can be very hard to find a decent pair.

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      1. Its harder on guys to be short, so I feel for him. Its never really bothered me too much, except when looking for shoes and some other instances, but overall, just am used to it. Not much else one can do. 🙂 And I will tell you that getting through crowds is a plus, just squeeze through. I can always get through a crowd quicker than my hubby. LOL!

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  3. I first thought, “19 pairs! That seems excessive!” But then you had a use for all of them. That’s what it comes down to for me: do I use it and is it comfortable?

    I think I have 7 or 8 pairs: running shoes, cute sneakers, Teva-types, 2 dressy sandals, hiking boots, and winter boots. I know I have some very practical, non-slip-sole work shoes from my days in the school cafeteria but ain’t nobody wants to keep those!

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  4. I know it’s a typo, but “shorter snow books” made me laugh and laugh. The idea of all these fur-lined, waterproof books in your closet that you only pull out when it’s cold out is hilarious to me.

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  5. Oh dear, until I read this I didn’t realize that I have way too many shoes. I think I’m a shoe addict! I actually can’t go into my closet right now to count exactly how many I have, because my condo had a pipe burst inside the walls in my master bedroom and bath, and so it’s off limits during the repair and renovation. But… I can tell you I easily have close to a 100 pairs of shoes! Crazy right?

    I live in Florida and I still have about 20 pairs of booties, ten pairs of high boots, loads of sandals and sneakers galore. I did give away my super high pumps when I got sick. But as you can tell I have a shoe collection . Great pump styles don’t change much over the years. Pointy toes, round toes, square toes…, and high leather riding styled boots stay the same as well. . A beautiful pair of leather shoes in a classic style lasts decades. The first thing I did when I moved into my condo was redo the closet to accommodate special shelves for my shoes and handbags. I suppose you’d call me a collector. Or an addict, or crazy. All those words would be correct.

    Obviously, I don’t get a chance to wear them all during my cancer treatments, but I have them should any occasion arise. I have flats, mid size heels, dress heels, leather, satin, suede, sandals for all seasons, you name it. I love their texture, their smell, and how pretty they look on the shelves. Some people collect stamps. Or art. I collected shoes and handbags for years. Yes, periodically I’ve given some away, but why? I like them all. And…They are so pretty.

    Currently, I have a thing for those slip on sneakers which are much safer while I’m in treatment. ( I get unsteady while on chemotherapy) so flats and slip on sneaker canvas shoes are safe and really cute. And I have a narrow foot, which makes getting shoes to fit me is difficult. So when I do get a shoe to fit I usually get it in multiple colors. While I was working I was extremely hard on my shoes and wore them out every year. So I had to constantly replace them. Obviously, I don’t do that in retirement.

    But, For a shoe collector as soon as there is a chill in the air I get super excited to pull out my boots. In fact, each season is exciting. A change of shoes and handbags! Yay! What could be better?

    A lot of what I have in my closet is still leftover from when I worked. And since I worked my entire life I gathered a large wardrobe of shoes and handbags . Obviously, don’t need everything I have. And if I ever move then I suppose I’d donate a lot of my collection. But here’s the thing, When I was younger I wanted to be in the fashion industry and so coordinating outfits, clothing, jackets, shoes, pocket books brought me joy. A lot of joy. And brought out my creative sense of design.

    And now, On a miserable day during cancer treatment, when I feel horrible, I can go into my closet and pull together an outfit (including the shoes and purse). And even if I only wear them to chemo, putting together pretty, fashionable accessories make me feel feminine and lovely again, despite the cancer. So there’s something to be said for shoes!

    Little girls grow up. We don’t play with Barbie’s anymore.(I used to design and sew new clothing for all my dolls). In college I designed and made my own cool clothing ( which were wild and fun like the 1960’s). And I miss that. But I can still play dress up any time I want. I just have to go into my closet. And of course I’ll always have a great pair of matching shoes to pair with any outfit I create!
    Shhhh now you know my secret!!! Yes, my name is Lesley and I’m a shoe addict!

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  6. I don’t know, but you’ve inspired me to clean out. When I worked I used to have dressy mid-heel pumps in numerous colors, and I’ve hung on to those for years because my shoe size 5 1/2 is hard to find now that most manufacturers start at six. Who am I kidding? I’m never going to wear them again, as I have one pair of comfortable black Clark’s which I wear for dressy. The last two years I have lived in slippers and running shoes.

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  7. I’m not a shoe person. What I have is utilitarian and seasonal and minimal, mostly because I have a really hard time finding shoes that are comfortable, which is my goal.

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  8. I just raced from the room to count footwear. 9 pair. I am a minimalist in most thing. I just threw out a pair of summer walking sandals and will replace those. I have friends who have way more and one like you come across a pair of Birkenstocks she forgot she had.

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  9. Shoes were never my thing, I don’t know why. Purses, yes! But you’ve inspired me to go through the closet now and get rid of those shoes I’ve been keeping for so long for no reason. We hardly ever go anywhere and when we do it is usually someplace casual so my sneakers will do. I do have a pair of black flats for going out to dinner occasionally. But that reminds me, too, we have a wedding to go to next month and I have to make sure I have some shoes to wear!

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  10. Do I count the ones I don’t wear? When we possible, which is most of the time, I wear flip flops. They sent the rubber shower ones, lol. I discovered I like Body Glove brand and I keep buying them when they get broken. I also have some Sketcher sandals and some wedge heel black dressier slip on sandals I wear to church . Other than that I wear running shoes. If I’m wearing jeans, not my favorite, I’ll wear either running shoes or side-zip short leather booties . I do have black ,knee-high ,low heel, zip up leather boots that I can wear with leggings or skinny jeans. But I’d rather be in shorts and flip flops. 😊

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  11. Ohhhh ladies…. I revealed my shoe weakness further above and now I am a tad embarrassed because none of you will get my artistic joy in shoe design. But actually, I’m very surprised that so many of you don’t see the ART in your shoes.

    John Keats wrote, “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never. Pass into nothingness; but still will keep.“

    I look at fashion and accessories that way. And especially shoes. They are to me, a thing of beauty. Every strap or buckle, every embellishment, I liken to an Alphonse Mucha painting. Distinctly decorative and theatrical. His stylized posters of Sarah Bernhardt done in Paris during the Art Noveau period give me the same wonder as a delicately designed shoe. It is pure ART! Unique, dramatic, and a yes, so much more than just a shoe. Oh well, to each her own!

    And yes, I do have leopard and zebra print sneakers. I even have fabulous sparkling red ones that match my red and white 1966 fender mustang guitar! (Hey, I was in the first all girl band in Florida in 1966 and if you play guitar, you have to have a great pair of shoes to jump around in. Steven Tyler has nothing on me!) peace and love y’all.

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  12. I have ten pairs of shoes, all but two of which of which I wear regularly. Some are meant for summer, some for winter, and some I can wear to work year round. I don’t have snow boots or galoshes, as I have a couple of pairs of Doc Martens boots I’ll wear in those situations. They keep my feet dry. I need to replace my hiking shoes, as my old pair was old and worn out. I’ll probably look into a new pair of those when the weather warms up a bit.

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    1. Living in a city where I walk 99% of the time to get to things, keeping feet warm and dry is an obstacle. Snow gets plowed into corners and crosswalks and I might have to step into or across them.


    1. I have two different heights because when we get a storm, walking to get groceries or walking the dog with five foot drifts is tough. I have the shorter ones cause the corners get really really messy and the ice is slippery if you don’t have good treads. It’s hard to explain how walking everywhere makes you really look at shoe choice…like I average 15000 steps a day. If I didn’t have appropriate footwear I would be a mess

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  13. So my answer isn’t going to be very informative because I’m not your average woman. I own exactly zero pairs of shoes. I’m a double amputee so I don’t wear shoes. Now if I did wear shoes I think I would have a problem because I am all the time seeing shoes and thinking they are so cute and wishing I could wear them.

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  14. I presently have 4, 1 black wide ortho dress shoes I wear at work, probably the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn, 1 pair of white ortho sneakers I’m not keen on the low cut near the ankle it scrapes me if I wear ankle socks, 1 pair of of hiking boots I never wear. 1 cat designed Van’s sneakers designed by yours truly, not a very good walking sneaker…I really need to get a good walking sneaker….probably invest in New Balance again. I’ve had quite a bit of shoes over the years for a guy, as well as a huge hat collection.

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  15. After going through menopause, I became considerably more interested in shoes. I believe I am reliving my adolescent years. I didn’t count since they’re in the garage and I’m too lazy to get up, but I like this blog post concept. I think 15, if I had to guess.

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  16. Well, here I am at work, reading this and now I am trying to count how many shoes I have from memory. I guarantee you it is going to drive me nuts and the first thing I am doing when I get home is count my shoes! I am guessing between 20-25.

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  17. I used to love shoes. My go to shoes are four: Asics, Sanya yoga mat flip flops, retro Adidas and my “ping pong” shoes which are aqua socks. I have a big ugly knot of arthritis in my left foot and my choices are limited until I opt for surgery. I took a bag of high heels to Kiwanis market recently.

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  18. As a teacher I had to give up on cute shoes and wear sneakers even before they were popular so they are my go to. I throw away shoes every time I move–those that I am just not wearing, so I’m gradually whittling it down. I do keep shoes in two houses so I probably have 5 pairs in each house. This year I discovered the moccasin style slippers that the My Pillow Guy makes. I have worn them all winter inside the house; the soles are such that I can wear them outside if need be. They are so comfortable and have helped with a variety of painful foot issues. Can you tell I am in love? They do have a faux fur lining so I’m concerned they will be too warm in the summer. My bottom line in everything I wear is comfort! I do have boot envy though as I read your list.

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  19. Photo’s please. I have 12 pairs, trainers which are my go to, walking shoes for when we walk/hike, brown furry boots which I us as slippers, Black heels for funerals/weddings/party’s, brown dolly shoe for going out when I have to walk and trainers just won’t do, brown sandals which have to go, the soles have gone and they are painful to walk in, black strappy heel sandals which are going because I can’t walk in them anymore, old gold strappy low heel sandals for summer party’s /weddings, black calf height boots, brown flat knee high boots, furry wellies for the snow, brown suede boots ankle boots, cream T bar shoe for posh party’s/weddings.
    So when I get rid of the sandals I will have 10
    Really I could get rid of all of the strappy ones, 62 is too old for strappy shoes isn’t?

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  20. When I worked outside the home, buying new shoes often was a priority. Now that I’m working from home, I tend to slip on the same pair of crocs every time I leave the house. I do think it’s time to dig out some of my shoes and put more effort into what I’m choosing.

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  21. LOL, I was just taking stock of what was in my closet the other day! I’m a sucker for cute, Fall boots. Have six…yes count them….six pairs of boots. I’m also a sucker for Clark’s summer sandals. And, then there’s the Sketcher’s slip on tennis shoes, which are my staples. Have one pair of walking/hiking sandals. I have some wedge sandals for summer dresses and a couple heeled sandals for dressier occasions. I looked at some of my higher heels (3+ inches) and, although I will probably never wear them again………..💜

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  22. I had a shoe cull some time back so:

    Leather Boots – 1 x grey, 1 x tan, 1 x black patent (dressy).
    Trainers/sneakers: 1 x black leather, 1 x charcoal hightops.
    Black flat slip-ons – 1 x everyday wear, 1 x more elegant, 1 x dressy with beading.
    Black flat Sandals – 1 x Birkenstock type, 1 x walking type.
    Ankle Boots: 1 x black leather, 1 x black suede.

    So a current total of 12 – with a gap for a replacement pair of black boots, and I’m looking for some new Birkenstock type sandals but in a colour – silver/pewter, maybe a blue or red, plus perhaps a more elegant flat slip-on – again in a colour. But I won’t buy till I find the perfect option. I’m unlikely to ever reach 19 again.

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    1. I ditched three pairs of shoes…but my guess is I need another pair of sandals…something more strappy but casual. I’m guessing when my black slip on leather sneakers wear down they won’t be replaced

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  23. That’s a lot of shoes, but I love how you could name them and categorize them. Counting my shoes is going to be tricky because most of them are put away. After all, I can’t wear them until my foot heals. I had “Balerie” shoes (don’t know what they’re called in English) and then when I did an operation on my left foot 5 years ago, I had to switch to medieval shoes. Those didn’t work so I had to move on to sketchers and I had to have an insole custom made so I don’t get corns at the bottom of my foot (I have flat feet, plus the joints right before my toes are misaligned and cause pressure in the wrong areas). My wound hasn’t healed yet and im still getting corns where the operation was done because the doctor made a mistake (turned out I didn’t need her to drill a hole in my foot. I just needed medicine but she scared me and said there was a virus in my foot and if I didn’t remove it right away I would need my foot cut off later). So yeah I also have converse sneakers with flowers on them. Very pretty and comfy but bad for my flat feet. I have men’s sneakers (my feet are big so it’s hard to find my size in shoes) that I still wear when I go for a picnic so that the sketchers don’t get dirty (I own 4 sketchers in different colors)

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      1. They are actually. I’m in constant pain. But a close friend of mine bought me an expensive medicine made of honey extract to remove corns on feet, so im trying it. Today is day 3. Hopefully, in a week the corn will be gone.

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  24. Oh and I have a pair of boots. I had a pair for 8 years and then they just suddenly fell apart so I bought a new pair this winter

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