• I was in Lancaster PA for a wedding this weekend. We got there early on Friday and got in a little history by visiting Wheatland- the home of President James Buchanan. Was surprised to see that Elton John played Franklin and Marshall College! Can you imagine being a kid at that show?! Those trunks are made by this luggage guy- Louis Vuitton- they belonged to Buchanan’s niece, who incidentally was the first person known as “First Lady”, though the newspapers didn’t use the term till Mary Todd Lincoln… Very interesting and if you appreciate old furniture, as I do, it’s quite well done.
  • Best friends daughters wedding=best wedding ever!!!!
  • While this is probably not the shawarma place that Iron Man referred
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden is becoming a riot of color!!!
  • The Vietnamese food at Madame Vo is awesome!! The dish above is rice cakes with sausage and egg and all sorts of delicious!
  • Veselka is a Ukranian restaurant and mainstay in the East Village- we didn’t eat there this week but it’s worth going to for many reasons
  • Cherry Blossoms in DC- thanks to my daughter
  • Went to a gallery talk on Jacques Louis David- thought I don’t love the work, I did gain a new appreciation of how and why. Wonderful talk by the curator.- I just love the way that galleries 202 and 203 are situated!! Just beautiful!! I’m not really into swords, but the work on some of these cases was exquisite!!
  • This is my Oscar pool of who I think should win- I picked my fave from each category, but it is not necessarily who I think will win- Full disclosure that I saw every movie except for Writing with Fire (documentary full length)

33 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: 3/27/22

  1. Wonderful color! Blooms are great this time of the year. I hope CODA wins something as I really enjoyed that it represented real people dealing with a hearing issue and how they live within a community of hearing people. Very real very down to earth!

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  2. I’d heard that the cherry blossoms had already bloomed in DC – thanks for the picture! Elton John at F&M would have been great. Bob Marley came to my small college when I was a freshman, but I didn’t go because I didn’t know who he was back then!!

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