• My Tea Society had a matcha tasting Kettl. I admit, I am not a fan of matcha, but this place has a grinder to grind their own. And the most gorgeous ceramic teaware, much of it made on premises. Lovely morning!!
  • Can I just tell you how much I love soufflé…banana with chocolate sauce
  • I went out to help my parents with cleaning out their filing cabinet…Yeah…good times…but they did take us to dinner at Cafe Luna in Old Bridge- seriously- best pork shop I’ve ever had- and FYI- I split with my Husband, and what you see on my plate is a half portion…
  • Was thrilled to hear artist Charles Ray discuss his work and his latest exhibition at the Met. Ray is the gentleman on the farthest right. The exhibit is laid out not quite like the Met sets them out, and I learned that Ray was very integral in the curation of the exhibit.
  • That piece of cake? Four people could not finish…
  • Saw Styx in concert- Hearing Come Sail Away live was pretty epic…and I can’t get Renegade out of my head
  • The Met continues to thwart me by galleries 173 and 174 being closed. However, I gave you the impressive surroundings of galleries 200 and 201. You had to know I would focus in on the teapots… Lightning Testimonies is a video installation piece- while in theory, I understand what the artist was doing, in reality I was underwhelmed.
  • I went to my local Barnes and Noble to ask about removing women’s fiction. I was told that they removed almost all subheadings as regarding fiction- the only ones they are choosing to keep are romance and historical, but have considered doing away with those as well. This particular store feels that it’s clientele don’t really like to be pigeon holed…

54 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: 3/20/22

    1. Based on my experience, come to think of it, BN does not have a similar problem with nonfiction. I might ask why that is but could probably answer because of how nonfiction is categorized in libraries. However, again based on my experience, I think I have seen different libraries categorize nonfiction works differently.

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    1. I know it was an unfortunate time to take photo but Ray was making an analogy…it’s a close up of one of his sculptures and he was describing something aboit sex

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      1. Yup. If you subcategories too much someone will look only in that place and walk away if they don’t find something


  1. You belong to a tea society? Does that mean get together with tea and tea bites to eat? I could get behind something like that! Also, I’m intrigued by a bookstore that doesn’t have sub headers. I would imagine that might work in a smaller store where they can’t keep a large volume of books? Hmmm. I do like to head straight to a section though. Love your pics and that cake?!!! Yum!

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    1. My tea society meets five times a year for book club with a book that deals with tea, and we meet quarterly for a seasonal tea tasting where we try different types (matcha this time) and we go to different places. Always fun! Our tea guru also throws in a few fun outings, like last year we celebrated Coco Chanel’s birthday with tea and then a talk by a Chanel associate at bergdorff goodman

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  2. Come Sail Away…my senior prom theme about 2 million years ago. I had no idea Styx even still toured, and after checking I see REO Speedwagon and Loverboy along. One of my Spotify playlists has come to life literally.

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  3. My local B&N stores have largely done away with subheadings in their fiction section, too. Fiction is divided by genre (SFF, mystery, romance, classics), so there’s no ‘women’s fiction’ or ‘historical’ or ‘literary’. It’s just fiction, so I’ll see men browsing through books they probably would have skipped if they’d been listed as women’s fiction.

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    1. My store said they’re doing away with the sb headings and leaving it to the more broad…though I noticed a few psych thrillers are in both fiction and mystery…so there’s that

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  4. I am no fan of matcha, too 🙂 but I love the idea of a tea society. You’re so lucky to be part of one as it sounds like fun and intimate affair. Again, I enjoy reading snippets of your life in “What Inspired Me.”

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  5. Not gonna lie: I come to your “What Inspired Me” posts for the food. Even if I inevitably walk away drooling.

    I’ve made soufflé before. Tough to master…they certainly didn’t look as good as the banana one you had!

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  6. I enjoy your excursions and food photos. I think it is a excellent idea to have notes at the bottom to provide more narrative. Time to start a food blog though – maybe you could get sponsored by Big Apple tourism – free food!

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  7. “…don’t like to be pigeon-holed”??? O…K… Well, I think your idea of encouraging more browsing (and buying books you might not have purchased otherwise) is a possibility. Another I have come up with is that the PC police can’t really accuse them of anything if the only categories are fiction and nonfiction. Ol’ Dewey’s little plan goes out the window, I guess. How will we ever find anything?

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    1. I’m going to continue to monitor how they organize stuff…but the more I think about it the more I think it’s some sort of marketing ploy….I just can’t exactly get the theory

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