My Husband and his friend P had a tradition. They both loved March Madness and one year they thought,

Wouldn’t it be great to take off work the first Friday of the tournament and sit in a sports bar, eat wings and watch all the games?

So they got some other coworkers involved and they did. They had such a great time that they did it again the next year, but invited other people. And they did it again…and again…until it became a tradition. This was something that my Husband enjoyed- the bonding with his friend P, some beer and some basketball…

As some of you know, P passed last November, rather unexpectedly.

Some of you may know that March Madness begins in earnest today. But you want to hear the coincidence?

Back in November I went to church to get some mass cards to bring to P’s family. I got three, two for friends and one for my husband and I to give to the family. The church secretary told me they were very behind on masses, and the dates the masses would be said are in the future. I told her to do whatever she needed to do: anything would be appreciated.

So I go home with the three mass cards. I take one for myself and I put the other two aside for my friends. I then open the card to write my name and condolences, and guess what? The mass on the card was for March 17, 2022.

Today. The first day of the tournament.

My husband will never think of March Madness without thinking about P- they will forever be meshed in his mind. So when the games begin, we will be giving a little nod to P, for the friendship, for the laughs and for the awesome memories.

To P, with love. Forever in our hearts.

40 thoughts on “Coincidence

  1. What a lovely gesture. I had never heard of Mass cards before, but what nice tribute to your friend, P and his family. May his memory be a blessing. Coincidence? Perhaps . But, I think in this case there might have been a higher power at work here. Xo

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  2. I understand how your husband feels because my husband lost his best friend unexpectantly in November too. This morning on our walk, my husband confessed he called Mark’s number to hear his voice and was pleased that the phone was still connected. I wanted to cry. I don’t think it’s a coincidence with the March 17 mass cards.

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    1. It definitely did. I’m in Lancaster PA for a wedding. My husband and I went to the President Buchanan home…did you know his ex fiancΓ©e was Ann Coleman?

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  3. First I thought the title of this post was a reference to your previous post about the “robe” that came to you “mysteriously” through stitchfix.
    Second I just finished conversing with a good friend of my late mom’s who is closer to my age than she was to Mom’s. The subject of why some people keep things for their sentimental value vs. why other’s just don’t give a rip came up.
    Third I have had a few conversations in the last couple of days after having computer problems yesterday that mysteriously cleared up when I had it in front of the Geek squad. I took it as a sign from Mom, once again obliquely berating me for spending too much time on the computer and that I should instead be packing for my upcoming move.

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