I’m going to tell you a secret about myself: I love robes.

Seriously- I own four. I have a terry one for post shower. I have a fleecy one for when it’s cold. I have a jersey one for when it’s medium weather out. And I have a pink floral silk one that I actually refer to as a dressing gown because my real secret is that I want to be Nora Charles in the Thin Man movies.

Robes are one my greatest sources of joy.

So one day my husband and I were getting ready to go out. It was chilly, but I was going to wear a sleeveless dress, and I didn’t feel like putting on the blazer that I planned on wearing, so I threw on my fluffy robe.

I was so comfy.

So I texted my BFF’s and asked:

“What do you think about a robe as a fashion statement? Do you think I can go out like that?”

And we all LOLed…

Another not so secret secret about me is that I have a Stitch Fix subscription because I hate shopping for clothes.

A few weeks after my query about robes as day/evening wear, I received my fix. One of the five items was a short grey jersey blazer with a shawl collar…


They actually sent me what really is a robe that I can wear outside the house…

I was thrilled…

But I must admit… I did wonder if Alexa had spoken to the computer over at Stitch Fix…

62 thoughts on “Robes

  1. Now I have a vision of LA sitting at her dressing table. Her stiletto heals, silky flowing dressing gown tied at the waist with neckline plunging and bare calves showing…

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  2. I like robes too. I have a Chinese silk one, a fluffy long robe for after showers and a short terry one. My daughter as a young swimmer from age six to nine wore a green fuzzy robe with pink cats on it to swim meets. When we’d stop with the team for pizza afterwards, she’d wear her robe. It was a definite fashion and comfort statement. The rest of the team wore team parkas.

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  3. I love robes too❤️ I have five😄 My favorite soft one was a gift from my hubby…it feels like heaven when I put it on…in fact, I think I’ll go get it now. It’s a little chilly.

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  4. I love this post because I too have 4 robes! Not only that, but I have a Stitch Fix subscription as well. I absolutely hate shopping for clothes because I am short and petite…Why shop for hours trying to find the right length when it can just be delivered to my home, while i wait for the delivery in my robe?!

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  5. I have several robes too. My favorite is a gift from my daughter who never wears robes but fell in love with a soft fuzzy white robe at a resort she visited. She found out the maker of the robes and sent me one with Nana embroidered on it in my favorite color purple. A gift to treasure and enjoy–but probably not wear out to dinner!

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  6. No kidding, you like robes? I haven’t had one in decades. I’m clumsy and all that fabric hanging down tended to trip me up– literally. Still, if that’s your style go for it… carefully.

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  7. I have no robes. One was on the obligatory list for my boarding school, but I think that’s the first & last time I had one. It does mean answering the door from the shower can be challenging 😉 but they’re just not me.

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  8. LOL I have the obligatory one for after the shower and a soft fuzzy one, but I rarely use either of them. Instead, I love big sweatshirts for hanging around the house (and occasionally I’ll don one of them to go out to the store). But I love your passion for robes….I have a similar one for purses! 🙂

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  9. I used to like robes until they started making them with that… I don’t even know what material it is now, where they are overly fluffy, so that, for me, it feels uncomfortable. For years, I used to have a wonderful Oscar de La Renta Robe, it was quilted with fancy buttons. I felt like a movies star from the 20s every morning. It was very glamorous… then, as is usual, they stopped making them. SIGH I do like the cotton/linen Kimonos, the real Japanese ones. GLAD you found ones YOU enjoy. That’s what life is about, the simple pleasures, right.

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