• The Howard Greenburg Gallery has a wonderful exhibit “A Female Gaze” which highlights woman photographers. The photos in the first picture are by: Barbara Morgan (Spring on Madison Square 1938) Lisette Model (Reflections Rockefeller Center New York 1945- which is my favorite) Rebecca Lepkoff (Early Morning Rush 1940s) Rebecca Lepkoff (Midtown Manhattan 1947) – 2nd Photo: Jodi Bieber (Alexandra Township Johannesburg 1993) Jodi Bieber (Father and Son Trapeze Act Newtown 2012)
  • Bloomingdales is doing a whole Bridgerton Thing…
  • I happened upon that plaque the other day when I was walking- had never seen it before
  • Park Avenue in the thirties is hosting a bunch of Animal Statues
  • Betty has a habit of moving her bed around the apartment. You can’t really tell, but she moved it into her toy box to sleep…
  • I saw Our Hospitality as part of a Buster Keaton revival. It was such a fun movie!! Matt- if you have the opportunity to see it you should. I think you would appreciate it’s understated humor. The movie was also done to a live piano accompaniment and an intro by Keaton Biographer James Curtis
  • Pizza and Shakes is a relatively inexpensive food option if you are midtown west. The pizza was delicious!
  • Carnegie Hall was amazing! The artists started out the program by performing the Ukranian National Anthem. It was a beautiful moment.
  • Fictions of Emancipation, the new exhibit at the Met is small but well executed. I believe it is open for the next year.
  • I’ve been watching Top Chef on Bravo and Spring Baking on Food Network. I love a cooking competition show!!

39 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: 3/13/22

  1. How nice that your hubby let you take that picture. Love the Bridgerton dresses. I had a burger and fries for my birthday dinner but it was just from Burger King. Now I have to pay for all those carbs! Such a pretty cat. Love the way they are looking at each other. Thanks for sharing your week!

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  2. LOLOLOL! she moved it into her toy box to sleep… That is adorable! I think I’d like to spend the day at the Met Museum. We are taking the grand girls to the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City one of the days of spring break. Should have some awesome pictures to share from there. 💜

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    1. Honestly…there are places that are clearly better than others. Like, the five pizza places closest to my house I don’t think are worth going to… I definitely have faves


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