Before I tell you my gratitude, I have to explain two things:

  1. Last week my husband hurt his leg skiing. It is not major requiring crutches or a cast, but it is a painful and annoying calf tear. He is limping and certain positions make his leg uncomfortable.
  2. We have a 4 concert subscription for Carnegie Hall. While we normally have the same seats for all of our concerts, for some reason, we did not have our normal seats. We had seats with so little leg room that even I at slightly over five feet, could not sit normally.

Dilemma: My Husband could not sit with his leg in these seats and the concert is sold out.

I asked the ticket captain if there was anything they could do for my husband so he didn’t injure his leg further. After a few minutes, the ticket taker told me to go down one level and they would figure something out.

There is a side aisle just big enough to put two chairs (while leaving the aisle clear in case of emergency)…which they did. The chair was barstool height, which was actually perfect for my husband to keep his leg in a good position.

I am grateful to the ushers and captains at Carnegie Hall for coming up with a creative solution to help us out!


If you need a prompt for mindfulness or journaling:


Remember Kindness

There is a kindness to a life lived in gratitude and quiet joy. Ralph H. Blum

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. Mother Teresa

FYI- you may have seen this post the other day- I hit publish instead of save when I went to look for quotes and such- sorry!!

26 thoughts on “Gratitude and Such: 3/12/22

  1. Wonderful about the kindness at Carnegie Hall! Hope your husband heals up fast,glad he wasn’t hurt any worse. If I would ever attempt to ski, I would probably end up with 2 broken legs and who knows what else. LOL!

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  2. That is so nice that Carnegie Hall found a solution for your husband. I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t be that considerate. Back in the early 1990s, a friend and I took our mom’s to see Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas. The concert was sold out, but my friend’s brother (who married the Gucci heir and was in the music business) called and they placed a table and four seats in the center aisle for us!

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    1. I was thrilled they were able to do something. Iโ€™m guessing we werenโ€™t the first people to have an issue like this, but it was wonderful they were willing to help

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