There was recently a fundraiser that was dear to the heart of many in my circle.

While discussing the fundraiser, one person we know said he wasn’t going to donate because his wife doesn’t approve of these types of fundraisers.

For the record, I don’t really care what people do and don’t donate money to. I don’t care about people’s finances, I don’t question their charitable outlays. It’s not my business as to the what or how of a person’s finances. To me that is personal, and I certainly don’t want anyone questioning me as to where my money does or doesn’t go.

So I said to the guy- “I totally understand you and your spouse coming to a joint decision on this and totally respect your decision to donate or not to donate.”

Here’s my problem though…

This guy and his wife listed the cause and donation page on their Facebook profile.

While I have no problem with using Facebook for legitimate charities, I’m not sure how I feel about someone who posts a donation page who hasn’t actually donated…

So I guess my question is: Should you highlight a charity on social media that you haven’t personally donated to?

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  1. While it is disingenuous to list the charity, if it brings visibility to the charity it’s good for the charity. As for the people who are being marginally dishonest, it’s their bad karma.

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  2. Is there a difference between the fundraising event and the charity? For example, I don’t like being asked to donate my change when checking out somewhere (it’s fine if there is a box there, but to ask me directly I don’t like). However, I may still support the charity by some other means. There may be some nuance to this of which you are not aware.

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  3. I don’t know if there’s a correct way- I don’t necessarily assume that posting a notice about a fundraiser means that person donated themselves. They may just be trying to get the word out. I don’t think much about those specific funding opportunities though as I typically don’t participate. I give in other ways.

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  4. I’m sure I have probably shared a donation thing when I didn’t donate to raise awareness for something. Reasons for no donation likely because we have an amount we can donate and our causes to which we donate but I wanted to get word out.

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    1. I don’t know how I’d feel if a friend posted a charity, I donated, and then find they didn’t…it doesn’t sit right with me


  5. If it was something I believed in but could not afford, I might advertise it but say something like, “Wish I could donate now…” or “sharing for a friend…” That way I could promote it but not claim it.

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  6. I share fundraisers on FB that I personally donate to. I don’t have a problem with people sharing fundraisers and not donating if it helps get the word out. It seems odd to share a fundraiser that they disagree with though.

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  7. No. I don’t think anyone should take credit for donating to a charity they actually didn’t donate to. I have no problem with people listing worthy charities. That is helpful. But, taking credit where it’s not deserved is what i am uncomfortable with.
    A few weeks ago on another social media site I wrote a blog about charities that help save lives. And I proceeded to list quite a few foundations that allow people to select a specific type of cancer and then their donations go directly to patients with that type of cancer who need help paying for new types of life saving treatment. So I listed websites, named various charities i personally knew to be helpful in giving $$$ for medical grants etc. My blog asked folks to donate to the foundation of their choice. I mentioned the one I donated to but also others that heard were excellent.

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  8. What an interesting question. Personally I am confused as to why they are sharing about the charity when they don’t donate. How will they answer questions about the charity? I think if you are going to “advertise” something, you should have a personal investment in it of some kind, whether that is monetary or otherwise. Just seems to make sense to me.

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  9. LA, I’d have raised my eyebrows too, as I’ve done the same as Janet in the past and feel that’s the honest way to go. But there’s really ‘nowt so strange as folks’ as the UK saying goes, and your post is a good example of this.

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    1. My issue is that I assume if my friends post about something, they’ve vetted it and I can feel confident in putting my money there. So I guess I feel like shame on me for assuming that and not doing my own due dilligence

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