1. My daughter took that photo of the Ukranian Embassy in DC. While we worry about the invasion abroad, also remember that students in DC who are near the Ukranian and Russian embassies were warned to be cautious. And parents of those students get news alerts of secret service arresting people near those embassies.
  2. I went to a fun exhibit at the Grolier Club on Sherlock Holmes. Though the Grolier is a private club, it is open to the public for this show. Lots of awesome editions of Hound of the Baskervilles, as well as other things. What I found most intriguing is how things were marketed in the US vs England…
  3. To only show one item from Gallery 171 at the Met is an injustice, as there are over 3000 objects in this study room. It’s well categorized for a room with so much stuff. I picked a bright and shiny object that caught my eye to photograph. Gallery 172 is just that little piece of ceiling that I have never noticed before. Galleries 210-216 are from Companions in Solitude: Reclusion and Communion in Chinese Art (new rotation) closing August 14.
  4. I was lucky enough to attend the Met’s first live Sunday lecture in two years! The subject was a companion to the Inspiring Walt Disney exhibit at the Met. Just fascinating to hear from some of the people who worked on Beauty and the Beast and where the inspiration came from.
  5. When I went to the gardens this week…spring was in the air!!!
  6. On TV I have been watching Mrs. Maisel and Inventing Anna…I’m sort of obsessed with Anna…and I think I need a caftan…
  7. Musically, I’ve been listening to Tears for Fears “The Tipping Point”, Dashboard Confessional “All the Truth That I Can Tell”, and Eddie Vedder “Earthling

25 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: 3/6/22

    1. I love looking at the things created by others. I appreciate the aesthetic, the work ethic and the history. Art never fails to amaze me and I love sharing what caught my eye…

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  1. What a lovely grouping you presented. I especially enjoyed the Grolier Club’s Sherlock Holmes exhibit. I’m a huge Sherlock fan and a have a large personal collection which includes old posters of William Gillette and his stage performances as Sherlock Holmes. I have countless books of Holmes’ adventures, many from the early 20th century. Even an antique bone China Sherlock Holmes Thimble. Your post made me realize that I should probably look up various collectors or Sherlockian clubs because I should donate my collection after I’m gone. My children enjoyed reading Conan Doyle but I doubt they would appreciate ALL of my collection. I even have a signed, hand painted British plate featuring every actor from silent movie days up to the late great Jeremy Brett. Just about every notable actor who ever portrayed Holmes. I love the older depictions of Sherlock drawn by artist, Sidney Paget and first gracing the cover of the Strand Magazine in 1891. So I’m a bit of a Sherlock snob. If the illustrations are not by Paget, then generally I’m not interested in it. Anyhow, this was a fun read. Thanks for sharing,

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  2. Thank you for sharing your week’s inspirations. The Disney lecture sounds interesting. We have a relative who was an artist on Disney’s early films. We have a couple of painting of his landscapes and they have a Disneyesque look and feel.

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  3. Glad to see you out enjoying life and freedom. I love Eddie Vedder despite his politics. Hey, my sister moved to NYC on Friday. She’s living with her baby daddy in Manhattan. 😀

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  4. When I was in Paris so long ago, there was a bombing at the South African Embassy. I remember it affected me because the secretary at the Embassy and I were good friends. She stayed home for awhile in secrecy, life moved forward, she married the diplomat and eventually moved back to South Africa. Life will hopefully move forward with help from those who can reach out. I always look forward to your Sunday pics.

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      1. It was secret service involved so there’s not too many details, but I think it was a threat to the embassy. Well, when the school told the kids to be cautious you know there’s something happening

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