Welcome to Five Word Friday, where we ask you to describe your day, week, life, whatever in FIVE words…(additional content optional) I have collaberated with the wonderful Judith for this prompt which happens on the first Friday of the Month.

Please tag Judith and play along! Feel free to use it on your own blog or add yours to the comments!! #fivewordfriday https://aworldapartin2.wordpress.com/2022/03/04/five-word-friday/

I unveil my FWF:

Never say it can’t happen.

67 thoughts on “Five Word Friday

  1. I really like your choice of 5 words, LA, but I wish they didn’t remind me of what Russia is doing to Ukraine. Maybe nearly any choice of words would have that effect on me at the moment.

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      1. I did see that yesterday when I was surfing for something to watch and will check it out. If you like vintage 1950’s fashion I watched a cute Australian film called Ladies in Black last week – cute story, loved the clothes!

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      1. I ran into flack with this statement at lunch at my job. One person said bluntly “Fuck the Russia people”, the other person said “There is a good chance that most of the people in Russia believe this attack on the Ukraine is justifiable and follow Putin”. How can either person stand by that? I don’t think every single person in every country agrees with how things are run. I think there will always be pushback even if it’s highly secret. Most people, I think will try to leave an oppressive state. People have fled Cuba, North Korea, China ect..

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      2. It’s ridiculous to think that every person is behind Putin, and saying every American agreed with Trump or agrees with Biden…

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