• I know I call myself a fan of film, but I’d never seen Rashomon. Finally got to see it as part of a Mifune retrospective. What a film! Talk about he said she said…
  • MOMA is presenting a film series- “Dames, Janes, Dolls and Canaries Women Stars of the Pre-Code Era”. I caught “Bad Girl” which was sort of a romantic comedy from 1931- Woman assumes she knows what man is thinking, man assumes he knows what woman is thinking- blah blah blah. I always like seeing the progressions that film has taken from its early days…
  • I saw off Broadway play Sandblasted– very well written, beautiful monologues, but somehow I didn’t feel the play quite came together. But, an enjoyable afternoon…
  • For my Gilded Age fans- a picture of the Henry Sinclair House, now home to the Ukranian Society, at Fifth Ave and 79th St. The building was build between 1897 and 1899, so it is an example of that time period.
  • OK- I’ve never been in Gallery 170 at the Met because it’s up its own staircase, but if I’d known there was a chariot there I would have gone ages ago!! So many treasures in galleries 169 and 170!! I began touring the galleries which will be closed later in the year- some beautiful things and I look forward to what they will do with this space. Also saw special exhibit on Year of the Tiger. Very small but interesting pieces!!
  • We’ve been watching “Reacher” on Prime- my husband and I like it. Not too deep, but fun and much chemistry amongst main cast.

28 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: 2/20/22

  1. Might have to seek out both those films, my wife and I are planning to see In the heat of the night at local art house. It’s part of a monthly year-long tribute to Sidney Poitier.


  2. I should watch older films. Ingmar Bergman’s films especially if only because of the cinematography. But I barely keep up with the current shows I’m in the middle of.

    And I will admit to laughing at bit at the wildlife of New York City. 🙂


  3. The gallery you almost missed is fantastic. I’m so glad you were persistent in getting to see it before that section is closed. The Roman chariot is such a treasure. It makes you wonder what all is housed in the archives. The little street statue is so sweet. I would have missed it if you hadn’t mentioned it.

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  4. “but if I’d known there was a chariot there I would have gone ages ago!!” Well, who wouldn’t! How awesome. Ah, just finished Reacher. A bit violent, just like the books though. Lovely reflections, LA.

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