I was emailed recently by a newby blogger who was looking for some tips on blogging. First I told her that I have no idea what I’m doing every day- I’m just winging it and figuring it out as I go along…but I told her why I started blogging and how I go about my day to day but I reminded her that I have little to no computer skills, I don’t really use social media and I don’t edit…

All in all it was a nice conversation!

I am grateful that people actually think that I know what I am doing each day…because really, I don’t have a clue what is going to come out once I open my laptop…

This blogger also mentioned that some writers are very reluctant to share, to give advice etc….

I’m grateful that she considers what I do “writing” because some days I’m not quite sure what I’m doing….

I’m also grateful that I have been lucky enough to have met a lot of really nice writers along my journey, willing to give advice and help out and all that sort of stuff. 99% of my blogging journey has been wonderful- we’ll just skip over that other 1% for now…



Focus: Straight back, Soft belly

“Why Not?” is a slogan for an interesting life.” Mason Cooley

38 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday- 2/19/22

  1. I think you are selling yourself short, and her reaching out to you proves that. You actually put your ideas for future posts on a calendar so there is always planning going on even if you don’t consciously think about it that way. Yay to you for helping her. I will always appreciate BettyLouise31 who gave me tips and answered my questions when I started blogging. I am glad to say that in her eighties she is still blogging and reviewing books. She remains a role model for me.

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  2. We are so alike in that area of “having no idea what I am doing each day, as far as blogging goes.” LOL!
    Glad she reached out to you and that you were able to have a fun chat and hrlp her. I think blogging is all about making it your own, whatever works for you and noy trying to copy someone else’s style.

    Great simple slogan! You are right, “Why not!’

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