A few months ago I was out with friends. My friend relayed a story about something that had recently happened in her life. She told me that a good friend of hers had had quite a bad case of COVID. And someone else remarked “That’s OK. He voted for Trump. If he dies it will be one less Republican.”

You know what’s the worst thing about this? I’ve heard others say the same thing.

Now, before you say something smug, let me assure you that, though I’ve never heard it, I’d bet money that someone has said the same thing about Democrats.

So we are all even in the hate wars.

But really- I want you to think about those comments…

We can play my favorite game, where we exchange one word for another:

Take out the word REPUBLICAN, or DEMOCRAT if you choose to use that one, and replace it with a religion, or a race, or a gender, or etc…

How does that feel?

I asked my friend what she said to the person. “I told her that she really should seek therapy, because she has so much hate in her heart she needs to work it out. And then I told my daughter not to hang out with her anymore, because this was not a person that will end up being a good friend.”

Have we gotten to the point where we wish ill will on those we don’t agree with?

When we make statements like this, do we really think that we are right? We are moral? We are justified?

Do you want someone to wish you dead because of something you believe in? Because of something you are?

Really really think about that…

Do you want to be judged by one thing, with no back story?

Do you really wish someone dead because they’re not like you?

Gee…where have I heard that before…

74 thoughts on “It’s OK Because They’re a BLANK

  1. One thing I do when I feel displeasure with someone else is to pray that I will see them in heaven where we can laugh at our former disagreements. Hopefully then the displeasure will not develop into hatred. If it does then I remind myself that if I don’t change my ways I will likely bunk with them, or someone worse, in hell.

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  2. This is appalling. in order to be a tolerant person, we need to tolerate the intolerant as well. We abolished capital punishment, for the most part, so why would we wish someone dead just because they are different. I simply can´t fathom a statement like that. It makes me sad.

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  3. My opinion is that this is a perfect example of how so many have given themselves to and perpetuate the notion of “left vs right.” It is a design to keep us divided. If someone things that “their” political party is the righteous one, they need to stop and take a long, hard, unbiased look at what they are supporting.

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    1. Exactly! How does someone make this statement and think for even a nano second that they’re on the good side of anything? Don’t they realize the ramifications of this statement….what it actually means?

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      1. It’s fascinating to watch people so deeply identify with a political party that it then completely defines who they are. Then any criticism of the party is a personal affront. They will defend said party as if they are defending their very existence. It’s not healthy and leads to blind compliance. I know many Trump and Biden supporters. The idea that they are Nazis and communists is nothing more than ignorant, lazy thinking. Anyone who subscribes to that, on either side, is a moron.

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  4. I’ve heard things like that too. When I told one of my Palm Springs friends I was moving to north Scottsdale he said to me, “Oh No! They have a lot of Republicans out there!” like we are a bunch of lepers.

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  5. The broad brush of hatred paints such an ugly picture! I love the way you suggested substituting any people group into that sentence. That is what the media and politicians (both “sides”) are trying to do to us–divide us and pit us against each other. If we are divided, they have more power and control. We can not let hatred take over; love must win and it starts with each one of us!

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  6. This is such a deep subject. I can never wish anyone ill having found out years ago that every bad thought comes back in a worse way on me. BTW. I have personally heard people make that exact statement. Hate abounds these days

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  7. I remember when Trump had COVID. Many people hoped he’d die. I kind of understood the sentiment, but at the same time, I’d never say it out loud. And of course, I hope no one would ever wish me dead, simply because I’m me.

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    1. I think we all think bad things sometimes about others…to say it aloud to another person makes it so much worse. If people are against the death penalty, then we need to be consistent of wishing people Ill. And to say it to someone’s friend?

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      1. I agree with what you two are saying but I would add my thought that the true problem is not people saying things out loud, necessarily, but what is in our hearts. If we are thinking/feeling something bad toward someone else then we have already wronged that person.

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  8. I’ve heard that before too. It’s just an excuse for us to dehumanize and take out our aggression on someone else. Whenever I write a post about tolerance, someone always leaves a comment along the lines of, “Well, yes we should be tolerant of others except for (fill in the blank). Because they are so awful that it’s our moral obligation to point it out to them, and they deserve no mercy.” It has become very fashionable to wish ill on those we disagree with, especially if they are Trump supporters. Which always makes me wonder, “if you hate Trump so much, why are you acting just like him?”

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    1. I’ve taken to stating if someone is wearing a trump or a Biden pin because I’m tired of people assuming all bad or questionable things are done by trump followers. And I hate doing that

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  9. Oh my yes! This this this has bothered me so much. Even just the lack of respect for President Donald Trump bothered me. He was our elected leader and it shows a meanness of character to think making fun of the person who represents America will be a unifying action.

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