• Morgan Library has a lovely exhibit – Gwendolyn Brooks: A Poet’s Work in Community. Also peeked at selections from The Kasper Collection and recent acquisitions.
  • Tenho makes an awesome bowl of tonkatsu ramen!!! Just delcious!
  • There will be a blog about the whole making a Martha Stewart recipe- but suffice to say the cake was excellent…
  • Loving touring the Met in gallery number order, however, the Met just announced that some of the galleries will be closed for three years, due to renovation (bet you thought your contractor was slow) so I may do those galleries next!! However, I am enjoying Greco Roman! I also saw special exhibit The Good Life: Collecting Late Antique Art at the Met. The exhibit was good, but the room it’s housed in was even better. Gallery 302 very cool!!
  • For those of you who watch Gilded Age, I took a shot of the corner of 61st & 5th, where the houses were supposed to have been. Not quite gilded age anymore, but the Pierre is pretty.

30 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: 2/13/22

      1. I ominously wrote about it on my insta last week and people wanted a pic…I was complaining about the length of time the recipe called for…


    1. Honestly, no. I do know the area of the museum is a high traffic location, and very visible to visitors (it will seriously screw up certain traffic patterns on the second floor.) so they probably want to be grand. Also, I think it’s money too because my understanding is they’re only halfway to their founding goal, so probably waiting to see what big name will anchor the gallery

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  1. Those Roman wall paintings are lovely. That’s my favorite period of Roman murals. The Joslyn Museum up in Omaha is going to be closed for two years while they build a addition to house a big collection of modern art that was either donated or that they bought. I can’t remember. I’m looking forward to it, but two years… *sighs*

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    1. I loved the wall paintings! Long closures are tough!! I am looking forward to revamped galleries. I’m going to do before pictures of what they look like now


  2. Tough decisions coming with your Met preferences. Rude of them to throw a wrench in your plans. There has never been anything from Martha that I wanted to make no matter how tasty. I’m not really a fan in general, but I do look forward to the process post! The gilded age is my latest fav. I am living out fantasies with every episode and simply putting aside the classism, racism, and sexism to admire the mansions and bustled dresses, afternoon tea, and teeny tiny parasols!

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    1. I know!! The nerve!! Oddly though, the Etruscan galleries are 172-176, so old be there within the next few weeks anyway. The others are gallery 400-406… so yes…damn them need to do them now! I will tell you why I chose the Martha recipe, and oddly it involves laziness…I like actual magazines and I subscribe to some, including MS living. We were going to a friends house for take in and movies, so I decided to bake. I didn’t feel like looking through the internet for recipes, so I grabbed the only mag I wasn’t finished with…which was MSL. I just picked from there…😆. TOTALLY living out gilded age fantasies with every episode even though it is WILDLY miscast! But the clothes…

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