Different seasons typically introduce different weather. Brisk fall leads to cold winter. I remember those first days that dipped into the twenties. Brrrr. But then magically, after a few weeks of temps in the high 20’s low 30’s, one day you go out and its 25 degrees and you remark- Ok- not too bad today. Your body has acclimated to the colder temps. And then you have a 40 degree day and you go out in a thermal fleece, because its practically tropical…

I am grateful for our bodies- how they adapt to what we need them to adapt to. It’s a beautiful thing.

I am going to incorporate some mindfulness along with gratitude on my Saturdays. I’m not really a spiritual person, but I have found that little bits of solitude and reflection can help my mind.

If you need a word to focus on, let this week be: RESPECT

If you need a phrase, let it be: LOOK EVEN CLOSER

If you need a quote: One can appreciate and celebrate each moment- there’s nothing more sacred. There’s nothing more vast or absolute. In fact, there’s nothing more! Pema Chodron

The things that divide us are far less important than those that connect us. Rachel Naomi Remen

36 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday- 2/12/22

  1. We had a long cold snap a few years ago. Temps in the -20s for days. Then one day it started to end. I walked outside and thought “This feels a lot warmer. It must be almost freezing!” Then I got in the car, and on the radio they said it was 4. Acclimation, indeed!

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  2. I need to be mindfully focused on patience when it comes to weather adaptation. I find it takes me the entire season to adjust and then it’s time for something new just as I settle in!

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  3. I really enjoyed this post. It’s true we do acclimate. Where I live we had a cold snap that lasted several days with temps in the -40s Celsius with the windchill. When they go up to -25 it does feel positively balmy.

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  4. OK is having roller coaster weather, going up and down with irregularity. I try to enjoy whatever it is each day because you never know what the next day is going to bring.


  5. I read this quote this morning: “Gratitude is the child of attention.” The more tuned in we are in our lives, the more we notice all we have to be grateful for. I have seen this dance as I work on becoming more mindful.

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