Sometimes you need to give your brain a break. I have been on overdrive on every cylinder of my life lately, and today my brain is tired. I don’t want to rant or complain or frankly, think, so I’m giving you my list of love songs. There was no thought put into this: It’s just the first five lovish songs that come into my head. Hopefully they trigger something in you, or just make you smile at a fond memory, or make you feel better about a lost love.

Everlasting Love

Eternal Flame


I Love You So

Just Like Heaven

44 thoughts on “Anything Can Happen Friday: Love Songs

  1. Love songs is a good Friday theme. I have been so busy at work editing my book I have forgotten some things I was supposed to do earlier this week. That will make today a little more hectic, so I don’t need to think too hard now!

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  2. Thanks for sharing. I’m having WordPress issues. I don’t think my story shared today. I’ve tried to repost it. Every time I write a comment WordPress gives me a message asking if I want to leave the page and I have unsaved comments. Ugh.

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  3. I have never had a problem with scheduling. Then again, i haven’t scheduled anything yet, which probably explains it. I’m off to the Numismatic Society on Monday and Julia has inexplicably turned down an invitation to accompany me.

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