1. A New York outpost of Sarashina Horii recently opened in NYC. Their signature is their soba made from the innermost part of the Japanese buckwheat seed, which produces a white noodle with a delicate flavor. Also a delicious flavor. You dip the cold noodles into the hot broth (this is one option) and then slurp them up. So good.
  2. Our tea society book club had its meeting via Zoom. so I set myself up for enjoyment. The book was Pocketful of Rye and the discussion was delightful!!
  3. I love brunch, and brunch at Bluebell London was just about perfect. Had gorgeous eggs benny done perfectly!!! There may have been a lavender honey mimosa as well…they call it Becky with the Good Hair- which I think is a perfect name for a cocktail
  4. Carnegie Hall- Wonderful program of classical music including Philip Glass Mad Rush and Samuel Barber String Quartet in B Minor. The Highlight was Penelope by Previn and Stoppard, featuring Renee Fleming and Uma Thurman as narrator. Thought the critics didn’t love it I thought it was decent.
  5. Restaurant week- we went to Morton’s steakhouse- wedge salad, filet, green beans almondine and matchstick fries followed up with key lime pie. Didn’t suck…
  6. Went to the Met- where my numerical visit was once again stymied by a closed gallery….if it’s not open next week I’m going to need to go out of order…But I did get to preview the Charles Ray. I felt like I was at a different museum, because the Met didn’t pack the room with work, as they tend to do. They gave the work breathing room. Much of the work is based on Huck Finn. Very well curated show, which excellent work displayed. The Boy has long been a favorite of mine. As I was looking to replace my failed attempt at Greco/Roman galleries 165 and 166, I wandered over to the Watson Library, where I had never been. They are in the middle of changing the exhibits, but I saw the beginnings of a curated selection of works by black authors. Will need to see in its entirety- It is very difficult to photograph because of the glass case and the overhead lights.
  7. Restaurant Week with my friends was lunch at Union Square Cafe- and as good as the food was, the company was better!! Had delicious mushroom soup and chicken milanese. Just a perfect winter lunch!! And much needed outing.
  8. I watched The Gilded Age on HBO. The first episode was very average, but it’s Julian Fellowes and it’s about old New York and the clothes… so I will continue to watch this no matter what

33 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: January 30,2022

  1. “It’s about old New York and the clothes, so I will continue to watch this no matter what” Fair.

    I saw the Cyrano stuff in the costume exhibition photos and thought you’d gotten to see the movie Cyrano. I’ve been looking forward to it since I saw the first ads for it.

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  2. Betty is so cute with her little sweater on. The kraft paper on the Watson Met picture looked like the envelopes I get from the Sketchbook Project. Sadly, found out the Brooklyn Art Library is going to be closing on February 25th (so that’s your deadline to go see them – LOL) but they will be putting all our books in different places around the country. Wonder where mine will end up.

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  3. I was just talking about The Gilded Age with a woman who came in the library last week. I love that time period! Too bad the first episode was average. I will eventually watch it, but I’m behind on my shows and need to catch up before I take on a new one.

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      1. We have restaurant week here in the city…started like 20 years ago where a bunch of places do prix fixe menus for a set price and they can be a deal…gets people in the seats when weather is cold


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