I love my alone time.

That being said, I have places that I go to get a little me time. My local park is a favorite. The Metropolitan Museum of Art works. Barnes and Noble is a plus (this is one time I don’t want an indie book store- I want to get lost in the stacks and not have anyone offer to help me) However, the number one place I go when I need solitude is a movie theater.

There is nothing like a movie theater to get me to my happy place.

First off, I love movies and film and anything shown on a big screen with surround sound. I love the comfy recliner seats now popular in mega theaters, and I love the old school scratchy velvet seats- (always burgundy btw) of the indie houses… I love the smell of popcorn popping and the pseudo buttery topping. I love that the indie theaters have a selection of tea.

When I go in and sit in my seat, lean back, and just get absorbed in the moment I am in my ultimate happy place.

I tend to go to movies by myself because this is something I do entirely for me. It is also something I do to be completely alone. This is my ultimate solitude place. What ever was troubling me as I walked down the carpeted aisle will leave the moment I organize my coat and drink and snack…

Going to see movies in a theater. My ultimate indulgence. My ultimate place of solitude!!

63 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 27: Where do you go when you need solitude?

      1. We had a theatre in Palm Springs a couple blocks from our house. But they didn’t reopen by the time we moved. The theatres here are at least a 30-minute drive away. So I watch movies alone in our casita.

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      1. Aisle wandering. That’s another way of looking at what I refer to as retail therapy because during Covid those are just about the only places I go to do that. Not a lot of museums close to where I live but come to think of it I may start reserving some time to visit some further afield as my dates while partaking in The Artists Way. Thanks again, Cari!

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  1. Day 1 of dog sitting. Right now my best alone time would be to offer up one of these dogs- the puppy Luca- who is the most hyper thing ever. Poor old Coco can’t get far enough away from him. I cans see we will be working diligently on obedience while I’m here!

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  2. A walk in nature is my favorite alone time. Can’t say I’m a fan of movie theaters. The older I’ve gotten, the less I want to be in a large room full of people around me also watching the movie. lol The sound is usually too loud. Probably due to my panic attacks/anxiety issues I’ve had for 30 years, but in any case, I get that you’re meaning going to places without someone else with you. Still the nature walk is my peace. 😀

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  3. I was going to say “I go for a walk” but, actually, there’s something about sitting quietly and watching the world go by that is both restful and restorative – and surprisingly, it being a world that goes by quietly or busily makes no difference to my feeling of solitude. Just don’t talk to me other than offer me coffee.

    We went to a new coffee shop in a nearby town which has a high window seat overlooking the main street. I think that would be the perfect place. In fact, I shall try it out – soon.

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