This is a tough question.

I mean really…I’m brilliant and beautiful and LOL funny. I can make you laugh and cry with my writing. I manage to seamlessly figure out the meaning of life every day.

So how do I narrow it down to one favorite?


Smell the wood burning as my brain works this out…

I know!

My favorite part of me is my humility! I am so humble and I am grateful for that every single time I look in the mirror…

It’s great to not take oneself too seriously…

34 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 26: What is you favorite part about yourself?

  1. I used to say my creativity and my hair. Ever since I lost my hair from chemo it’s grown back quite different from the way it was, so my hair is off the list. I’d still say my creativity is one of my strengths, however now I believe what I like the best about myself is my ability to adjust to challenges. Having cancer has shown me I can adapt my life in difficult situations and most of time stay positive. I didn’t know I could do that. So yeah, now I think staying strong, and adjusting my outlook on life when it throws you a curve ball. And doing so with a smile! I’m pretty darn proud of that.

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  2. The thing LA does that no one else can do? You galvanize people, you corral us with your proposals and questions, and you create a ridiculously enjoyable space where people feel safe to express themselves. It’s your gift and you use it well. And obviously you are extremely humble about your other attributes, that goes without saying. XXOO, C

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