I am a goals person.

I have a desire to do X.

After I’ve thought about why I want to do X, and if it seems like something reasonable and I can manage my expectations, I set upon creating a plan.

I can be very detailed in my plans. And I write them in my planner accordingly. Sometimes I do things in steps. And I often give myself two to three weeks to get into the habit of that particular step. Because you need time to develop a pattern so that it becomes second nature. And sometimes I add a step to an already developed habit- ie: when I boil the water for tea in the morning I change the pet bowls and make sure they have fresh water and I feed them. As my tea steeps I empty the dishwasher. I just do these things on autopilot.

So when I set out a goal, and I’ve plotted it out, and then I’ve accomplished it, I feel strong.

I decided to do Bloganuary. Some of the prompts were, how do I say this…ridiculous. But I knew that I wanted to stretch my wings a little, so maybe ridiculous was just what I needed. Maybe just having fun with the writing was all I needed.

Which it’s been so far.

Hopefully I will continue to do these prompts until the 31st, and then I will feel strong. Sometimes you don’t need big wins in life: sometimes little wins feel good too. Sometimes they feel better…

FYI- I did the habit link thing here too. I wrote my regular blog. And then after I wrote my regular blog, I had a glass of water and then I started on the Bloganuary posts…it quickly became a habit…

Completing tasks makes me feel strong.

31 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 25: Write about something that makes you feel strong

  1. This is very true. Meeting goals =feelings of accomplishment = pride in oneself = feeling empowered and strong. (and thank god this challenge is almost over because yes to ridiculous)

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    1. Oh, and here’s another! I started playing Wordle yesterday while waiting on Alison- big fat nothing on the first one, but this morning it-took all 6 tries but I got it!

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  2. True. I think this particular prompt have made us dig deeper. Love how it shows the inner workings of ourselves. Enjoying reading all the posts for this prompt. Keep them coming.

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  3. I wish I’d stuck with it. I’ve found the prompts to be pretty interesting for the most part.

    Also, I just started following you, and WP has already unsubscribed me once. I’ve encountered this with a few other bloggers. I think their coders need to get their acts together!

    Hope you keep up with it until the end. You’re almost there!

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