I bought a new guided journal this year. (never fear- there’s a future post of, I’m guessing, 600 words telling you all about it. You’ll just have to wait to hear about it)

So anyway, one of the prompts is to briefly write about your dreams, and then under it are three check boxes:

Good dream ___

Bad dream __

No dream

Every day I check the No dream box.

Now I know that we all dream, regardless of whether or not we remember them. But I am one of those people who RARELY remembers their dreams. I can’t tell you even an iota of the last dream that I remembered.

I’ve read different reasons why some people don’t remember dreams.

  1. They have a consistent wake up time and therefore are always in a natural wake up cycle
  2. They are psychologically blocking the troubling things their dreams reveal.

After I read the second thing I just stopped reading about why I don’t remember my dreams. I’ll continue to believe reason #1…

58 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 24: Write About a Dream You Remember

    1. The WordPress update has caused a lot of glitches. I know I’ve had trouble commenting on certain posts as well…I git it in four, but a few of my friends took five. It was a stumper

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  1. Oh dear… do I answer this honestly? Oh why the heck not….I have two types of dreams. One type is totally unremarkable, so I rarely remember those. But, my “visit” dreams I recall in great detail. I don’t talk about them because I sound nuts. However, those dreams always involve people who have passed away. I know, it sounds crazy. Well, Either believe or don’t believe but here goes… Those special dreams are vivid and it’s like I am living them in real time, not dreaming. I feel an arm around me, I smell perfume, or the scent of a person, everything I touch in the dream I feel first hand, and when I wake, those scents still linger, I feel connected to the experience. I usually jot down that dream.. Mainly because I have learned over the years that I might Have to share the dream with someone . Yes, I know it sounds weird. Mostly those dreams are about my family members who have passed, but quite often they involve my friends. Example: I dreamt about an old friend I grew up with who used to live across the street from me. We went to school together and had children about the same time. We’d often visit our parents and when we had our babies, our toddlers would play together. Anyhow, I had a vivid dream about my friend and I as young mothers and our blonde boys were running and playing together. In the dream her beautiful boy was laughing and jumping and ran over to hug his mom. The sun shown so brightly around him it was as if he were glowing. I hadn’t heard from her in quite a while so I emailed her, asked how she was doing, and shared my dream. I had a gut feeling something was wrong.

    She called me and thanked me for emailing her. Because she had been a wreck for the last year and today was the anniversary of her son’s passing. Evidently he had been killed in an auto accident the year before.. My dream, she said, was like a message from her son letting her know he was alright.

    You see, stuff like That happens ALL the time. To the point where I hated to go to sleep. I did not want to dream. I even made an appointment with a therapist to ask why this stuff happens to me. I thought maybe I was nuts. She told me there was nothing wrong with me and that she’s had a few patients who experience the same thing. She gave me names of several books to read and told me it was a wonderful gift. And That I definitely wasn’t cray cray. Evidently, we all could pick up those vibes but not everyone is open enough. Go figure, I’m open enough when I sleep! 😵‍💫! Anyhow, I just kind of accept it. Every now and then I get special dreams. Honestly, I’d prefer not to have those dreams. But, when I do, I no longer get freaked out by them. The therapist said it’s not as uncommon as you think. I was just relieved that others have similar experiences. Mine are in dreams. I’m glad I don’t see dead people when I’m awake. Lol That would be scary. Okay, you can think I’m crazy. Oh BTW, no special dreams since getting cancer. I’m glad, I have no desire to know my future. And it’s been really nice not having to worry about going to sleep and getting a “visit” dream.😱

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      1. I used to. I wrote up a whole blog about a friend of mine who for decades was lost in Viet Nam. MIA. He is now on the Viet Nam Wall. He lived down the street from me. He had a party before he went off to the army and I went off to college. He confided that night that he was afraid he’d never make it back. (He was jock and I was a hippie yet we were neighbors and close). I had a vivid dream reliving that last night together at his party. It was eerie, I could hear the sound of my footsteps on the pavement as I walked to his house, could feel his breath on my face as he spoke, and when he pulled me aside and asked if I’d go out with him when he came back and I said yes. And his gorgeous blue eyes stared into mine and he said, “Why didn’t we ever date?” I shrugged and said, “I guess cuz you were just the kid down the street”. And we laughed and hugged each other, realizing for the first time that we both had grown up. ..

        So after the dream I went on line and did some research. The government could finally release his info. He was in special ops. And his helicopter went down in November of 1968. But that info was confidential. I wrote about it on my FB blog. Two of his army buddies contacted me and it turns out the army made a mistake in his home address and so his family never found out what really happened to him. His parents had already passed but because of my dream and then writing on his memorial page his sister and brother finally learned that their brother was a hero who died executing a secret mission. Plus, the soldier who was on the radio when he went down and another of his army buddies now are my FB friends who reunite with me on the anniversary of his death. But that dream? It was like the universe waited until technology could catch up and his family could find out the truth. He came to me in a dream and I investigated bringing together his family to speak to his army buddies and they could tell them what happened. I don’t question those things. But that dream helped a family finally have closure.

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  2. My daughter doesn’t dream and gets cross when anyone around her talks about their dreams. ( I’m a dreamer of award winning movies and books). On the extremely odd occasion that she remembers a dream she is disturbed for the rest of the day, not because of content but because she is so shocked by the process. I think the randomness is confronting as she’s a control freak.

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  3. I occasionally remember my dreams. It mostly happens when I have been sleeping well over a course of several days. The dreams I remember tend to be the interesting ones, like the time I dreamed that I, Zorro, teamed up with Daredevil (as played by Charlie Cox) to fight the supervillain, Helen Mirren.

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  4. My husband is the same. He never dreams, not even when he’s under the knock-out gas at the doctor. I, on the other hand, dream all the time, and I remember every detail. It’s usually about something I’m worried about. Occasionally, I’ve dreamed about the actual events of other people, which I didn’t know were actual events at the time.

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      1. Kind of. Most of the time, I just tell someone and we interpret it, or if other people are in there, then I text them, like guess what? And then they confirm and are like, whoa! lol

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    1. Kathy I would say you have inherited some special abilities. What you describe is something that seems to be passed down. I learned shortly before my mom passed that she too saw people who had passed in her dreams too. Research indicates it’s an inherited talent. Hmmm

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      1. 😳 maybe. As you know, I don’t have ties to my bio family, so I’ll never know.

        Luckily, I don’t dream of people who’ve died (unless I was personally connected). That would freak me out.

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      2. Kathy, actually I remembered after I responded that you were adopted and therefore might not have the ability to ask your birth mother about dreams etc. I hope I didn’t open any wounds from the past by mentioning it. Either way, you have many gifts. Only one being dreams.

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    1. Cari I am now in my 2nd day of morning pages. Since it’s afternoon I don’t remember what I jotted down about the dream I had last night, or maybe it was the night before. Anyway, though I’m still a little scared of morning pages, because I think about them first thing when I wake up and start to stress about what to write on them, I do think it’s a good place to write down dreams I have. It seems like I have most of them just before I wake/get up in the morning anyway. In the dream eval class I took the instructor, who at the time was still in communication with her deceased daughter, made her initial point, that dreams help the dreamer solve problems, by using composers and inventors as examples. That works for me!

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  5. I dream every night, and sometimes several times. Some are quite memorable, usually pleasant, but most disappear with morning’s light. John has never remembered a single dream his whole life. Guess I make up for it.

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  6. I think its two, i wake up the same time every morning which is a few minutes before my alarm goes off, and yet I still can recall (not in its entirety but certain images have stuck with me) dreams I had when I was kid to present day.

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  7. Sometimes I remember, sometimes I don’t. I only had a dream once about my mother since she died many years ago. It felt like she was there with me, and I didn’t want the dream to end. After his wife passed away, my brother frequently had dreams that he cherished as he felt like she was with him.
    I have no explanation for dreams like those. I think the best thing is to enjoy the beauty of them and not look too hard for reason. On the other hand, I had a dream last night that I was flying on a trip. What woke me was that my semi-conscious self was telling my less conscious self to wake up because I don’t fly any more–mandates, politics, airline rudeness, greed and nonsensical rules. I found the dream very funny, but your post reminds me that one of the airlines that wouldn’t refund my money during the pandemic has given me until February 22, I think, of this year to use or lose the ticket. I can’t give it to anyone else per their rule. When I am awake, I positively would rather lose the money than fly (especially since Chautauqua, my destination, requires passports to get on their grounds), but I wonder if my subconscious is fretting. And this very loose connection is all YOUR fault, LA. 😂😂😂

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  8. Interesting reasons, I see why you go with Number 1. LOL!
    My husband would choose that ons too. He very rsrely remembers dreams! I on the other hand seem to always remember dreams and sometimes I have q couple each night. They range from totally crazy to ones that really mean something.


  9. Aw, c’mon – tell us what you really dream about! I bet it’s just not for public consumption, right? And that you’re not actually blocking yourself from knowing, you’re blocking us from knowing. Fess up. 😀

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