I’ve always thought I was an overthinker. This week I learned a critical difference: true over thinkers get so paralyzed by their thoughts that they can not move forward: they become locked in a never ending loop of what if’s.

I am grateful that I do not get locked in a never ending cycle of what if’s. I am grateful that even though I am playing out scenarios in my head, I do get to a point where I am able to make a decision and not be wishy washy and go with it.

While I may ask a lot of questions, my questions lead me to a place where I am able to make a decision that I am comfortable with. I realized first hand this week that there are people, even when presented with straight up facts that are documented in writing, are unable to move forward.

Learn how to make a decision. Teach your children how to make a decision. It’s invaluable.

22 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday: January 22

  1. WHAT!! Now I really can’t label myself as an over-thinker anymore? I’m just a cautious decision maker? I have to form an entire new vocabulary thanks to this post.

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    1. I was trying to help my mom with something. Her first set of question and first follow up were excellent. Her third and fourth comments were the equivalent of, what if pink dinosaurs go to the supermarket and ask for sliced turkey. She was so scared to make a move even though I literally found the answer to every practical question and showed her

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  2. Wow – now you know I think you are smart- since I comment so much – but ‘learn how to make a decision’ is probably the wisest thing you have said. Brilliant!!@

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  3. I just started playing one of those name quiz things on FB and nearly every time they have pegged me as an overthinker. My name is Sue and I am also a stubbon and analytical Taurus (which I may post about sometime.) Anyway, I do agree with the name game analysis and yours, too. I take a long time to finally come to a decision but when I finally do there’s basically no turning back. My daughters are not too different i.e. they both decided to go back to Michigan from their grandma’s funeral in CA so they can get there before the brunt of the blizzard!

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