Blog friend Claudette wrote an interesting post last week regarding things we want vs things we don’t want. I was having trouble getting the post link for some reason, but hopefully this is Claudette’s link and you can read all her posts…

But anyway…

What are things that you want? What are things that you don’t want? I’ll go first:


  1. WordPress to work consistently even after an “upgrade”
  2. People to disagree with me
  3. loose leaf hot tea to drink
  4. books to read
  5. a warm bath
  6. well directed and written movies in theaters
  7. enthralling live music and shows
  8. art that makes me think
  9. to think out the next five steps
  10. to figure out the days Wordle
  11. to figure out the crossword puzzle
  12. pets
  13. eggs and milk in the fridge when I am about to make breakfast
  14. to be accepted for who I am


  1. drama unless I’m paying to watch it
  2. excuses
  3. hypocrisy
  4. judgement
  5. books with bad endings
  6. anything that makes me feel bad about aging
  7. COVID to rule my life
  8. censorship
  9. yellow or orange clothing
  10. zoom meetings or gatherings
  11. obligations

54 thoughts on “I Want it, I want it not

  1. Those all seem like realistic wants, except for the WP thing. Never going to happen. And things I think you can say you mostly already get regularly so does that mean life in general is fulfilling for you? I don’t think I made a specific comment to Claudette’s lists, but I did ponder my own wants and they seemed just…normal- like you. That isn’t bad at all, but it also made me think about those people who seem to have more worldly focused wants- big things that influence other people as their focus. Are they for real, just trying too hard, more altruistic than I am…

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    1. I knew I had scheduled a post for today that I’d already written (twenty lashes for me not organizing the list better…😆) so when I saw her post last week I figured I would riff on it this week. First off, I think the majority of people with lofty wants are full of beans. While there are some who really do good, they don’t advertise it. True goodness doesn’t need a banner…you do just because. I think more people should be realistic about their expectations. We’d have a lot less substance abuse and suicide. To me, if you are a good person, are respectful of those around you and did it consistently , the world would indeed be a better place. The number one cause for climate change is wasted food. If everyone is truly worried about cause and effect why are we wasting food? Which goes to my want not of hypocrisy. We get rid of hypocrisy we change the world

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      1. Simple always seems better. If you can appreciate simple then I think it makes it easier to relate to and be respectful of the wants of others- maybe even realistically help them as well.

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      2. I left out some superficial stuff that we all want but doesn’t really have to be said (chocolate, wine, covid-less life)… The point was to think about what we don’t want as much as what we do want, and then to work at getting rid of the don’t wants. I have less rage today, as I removed myself from rage-inducing circumstances… something I definitely don’t want, rage or circumstances that lead me to react with rage. That sort of thing. Which is difficult in circumstances which are beyond my control. But again, refusing to watch media to preserve my rage from flaring up is a method I can practice, even if I can’t control the idiocy that causes me to feel rage.

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  2. Thanks for the ‘prompt’ and your own list offered here. I’ll be whipping out my own list in one of my notebooks to peruse and contemplate – HA!
    On a related note – it was good to see ‘wants’ not in the context of ‘wants vs needs’ as in needs are more righteous to aspire towards than wants. Personal pet peeve: many times wants are needs and so what if sometimes they are just plain old wants???

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  3. Great lists. I have a few of the same (concerts, books, acceptance) and in no particular order: Want my kids to be happy, healthy and self-sufficient, my studio time, my coffee in the morning, financial security. Don’t want household turmoil, guilty feelings, financial stress, to live in a country run by an authoritarian/oligarch.

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  4. First of all, I’m always amazed at how most of you can succinctly summarize your comments so easily. I can never seem to do that. Perhaps it’s because I spent so many years teaching writing and having to train students to brainstorm and dig deep down inside so they could immediately pull out tons of ideas at a moment’s notice in order to write a detailed essay in a required amount of time. Also, making sure the writing coordinated with specific state guidelines ( UGH!!). I now tend to write like that myself. So, a full bodied (wordy) essay was state required (MORE not less got students high scores and accolades, and consistently gave my school top standing status.) Thus, I tend to be wordy when I write.
    Anyhow… normally I might do this exercise differently and expand my wants and needs. But I’ve chosen to answer it differently.

    Picture this…you suddenly are diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in the middle of a pandemic and you fight like hell to beat it. Only to discover a year later it has returned. All of a sudden your wants and needs become jumbled up and confused . And quite honestly, when you are fighting for your life, sometimes listening to, or reading on line about peoples’ self indulgence it all becomes trivial or ridiculous. A cancer patients’ needs are very specific. Therefore, my lists will be focused mainly on one topic and for me, uncharacteristically short.

    To beat cancer a second time and get into remission
    To find a maintenance treatment I am not allergic to.
    To have more healthy time to spend with my children and grandchildren
    For cancer drugs to cost less money. (Average cost for my type of chemo for ONE month is about five to Seven grand. That means most women with ovarian cancer have to get grants to help pay for chemo medication in order to stay alive).
    I want Congress to pass bills allocating funds for scientists to study various strains of cancer and other diseases so possible cures can be developed.
    I want our elected officials to be required to follow the oaths they took. In every other job, workers are required to follow appropriate guidelines or they get sacked. I want all government leaders to follow suit.
    Up to date Technology to help keep my mind stimulated when my body is ill.

    Food, shelter, water
    Kindness, love, my family
    Enough money to pay for my required health care and shelter
    Music! It soothes my soul.
    Great Literature and art to remind me of all that is beautiful

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      1. Thank you. I look forward to days I am feeling well enough to read and comment. Your topics always draw me in. You have a gift for bringing people together and holding our interest. That’s not easy yet you do it constantly. 👏👍💕

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  5. Oops..
    Bigotry or hatred
    Inequality of any kind
    Discrimination or Abuse
    The electoral college
    Ignorance of any kind among our elected officials
    Power outages or leaks
    Tornadoes or storms
    No bullying

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  6. This made me think of Nora Ephron (we share a birthday) and the poem she wrote before she passed away called What I won’t miss/What I’ll Miss ~ It’s extraordinary:

    What I won’t miss

    Dry skin

    Bad dinners like the one we went to last night


    Technology in general

    My closet

    Washing my hair



    Illness everywhere

    Polls that show that 32 percent of the American people believe in creationism


    Fox TV

    The collapse of the dollar

    Bar mitzvahs


    Dead flowers

    The sound of the vacuum cleaner


    E-mail. I know I already said it, but I want to emphasize it.

    Small print

    Panels on Women in Film

    Taking off makeup every night

    What I will miss

    My kids





    The concept of waffles


    A walk in the park

    The idea of a walk in the park

    The park

    Shakespeare in the Park

    The bed

    Reading in bed



    The view out the window

    Twinkle lights


    Dinner at home just the two of us

    Dinner with friends

    Dinner with friends in cities where none of us lives


    Next year in Istanbul

    Pride and Prejudice

    The Christmas tree

    Thanksgiving dinner

    One for the table

    The dogwood

    Taking a bath

    Coming over the bridge to Manhattan


    Sorry to take up all your space. Ditto to all she said, I miss her! xxoo, C

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  7. I’ve found very little I disagree with you on based on our interactions. I’m sure there is something! Thinking about it, my want list includes: books and time to read them; dark chocolate and red wine (a given); to lose 20 pounds without giving up dark chocolate and red wine; politicians and others who are not hypocrites; people in government and others with common sense; a house mini-makeover. My don’t want list includes: drama family gatherings; a world where corruption rules; covid to dictate the toxicity of life. Honestly, the lists could go on and on and on………🙃

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  8. How realistic do these need to be? I want candy and potato chips that taste true and have no calories. (That falls in the same category as your WP want, right?)

    Good night’s sleep without ruminating, but with fantastical dreams.

    Joints that do what they’re supposed to without pain.

    Doggy kisses.

    Blue skies.

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  9. Great lists – I’ve never been a fan of drama so I’m totally with you on that one, especially. Also tired of Zooms, of all kinds, honestly. Was just talking about power outages with my son who lost power for 4 days, so that’s also on my don’t want list. I have simple wants. Family, ginger tea, and of course books, and charged devices. 😉

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  10. What a great idea! I’m going to stick it into potential future posts pool while I allow the thought to percolate on what I’d add to my list. Thanks.

    I thought I’d found the magic with WordPress as I didn’t seem to be suffering the same way as others. Then earlier this month… 😦

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