I have two favorite Christmas movies: A Christmas Carol (1951) and It’s a Wonderful Life. I watch them every year on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

If you know anything about either of these movies, you will know that they both have spirit guides, so to speak, who are able to show the character what the future holds. In both cases, it enables the main characters to change their ways and thoughts.

Powerful stuff.

I wish I could be a spirit guide so that I could show people what the future holds if they continue to do things as they do.

I don’t think people think too much about the consequences of their actions. I think people just act or react, without much thought to what will actually happen. They errantly assume that something is right, without fully weighing all the things about it that could be wrong. Sometimes people see things as they see them, instead of the way that they really are… While it’s lovely to have ideals, they rarely work in actual practice…

I know it boils down to the half empty/half full scenario…people get locked into how they look at things and can’t see the other side- but sometimes you have to look straight at it and just say:

“This is a glass. The glass has water in it. Where do we go from here? What happens if we drink it? Spill it? Add more water? Drop the glass? Drink half the water? “

I would like to show people the different scenarios that the glass with water in it could take- not just the cut and dry half empty half full…

I want to be your guide to the future- the real future- not the fantasy one…

37 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 17: What is a superpower you’d love to have?

  1. Oh you be my spirit guide, so must ask you, ‘where the heck have you been through decades of mistakes. You can’t say you weren’t born yet cause the spirit you were before could have done the job! Heck you already love my two top movie faves!

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  2. We are a very reactionary society, aren’t we? I wonder how many would actually and honestly be motivated to listen. As you point out, the fantasy world of Mr. Scrooge or seriously depressed George is one thing. Why do I tend to think there would be a lot who would say “thanks, but no thanks LA. I’m gonna roll with what I know right now” Am I a pessimist at heart?

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  3. You always do a wonderful job unpacking “binary” concepts and revealing more layers. This post is an example of that. We all could use more spirit guides that show us the gray of life, the in between, the seen and the unseen. They all matter. Great post, LA.

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  4. What a wonderful aspiration! While perhaps not like in the movies, I imagine you could be an amazing guide/coach to some people in your life by sharing your perspective. Love this post! Thanks for sharing.

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  5. That would be an awesome spirit guide power! They’d still have free will to do what they choose and have their experiences shape the kind of person they become. I’d love to have the power to heal….physically as well as mentally)

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  6. That’s kind of what I do as a coach, I ask questions to get people to look at all the options and how their choices might look. Maybe a career option for you now that your daughter has gone to college? 🙂

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