1. So I walked around my neighborhood and snapped a few pictures…
  2. My second favorite winter food is Thai curry- this was a delicious green curry with chicken
  3. Galleries 163 and 164 at the Met are Greek BC- the work is just beautiful. Gallery 233 is a special exhibit: Shell and Resin: Korean Mother of Pearl and Lacquer. This was another small but well curated and beautiful exhibit. The pieces are just spectacular.
  4. TV this week includes the return of Masterpiece: Around the World in 80 Days, All Creatures Great and Small and Vienna Blood. All wonderful!!!

41 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: January 16

    1. The boxes were just beautiful! They also had a video of an artisan making a box…just wonderful. The craftsmanship! Watch 80 days. Very fun. David Tenant!


      1. My friend started me on it the other day. The upside is that there’s only one word a day, so you can’t go down the rabbit hole and waste a day…just a few minutes ..


  1. My maternal grandmother had a lacquered MOP chest that she kept all her jewelry in. When we visited her I loved going into her bedroom, looking at and touching the chest and trying on her jewelry!

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  2. I love the building photos. My husband had a client who died recently, but her dad was an owner of the Empire State Building. It was a partnership of some sort. She inherited his shares. I thought it would be so fascinating to be able to say “I own the Empire State Building.”

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