Just say no to Censorship

All sides should be allowed to have an opinion and state it openly, whether it’s on a stage, on screen or on the pages of a book.

Those who have censored things end up being on the wrong side of history. They prove to be bullies. They prove to be all about intimidation.

Stop telling people that they are wrong just because you don’t agree with them. Stop books and tv shows and movies from being banned.

Allow everyone to have a voice. Don’t allow anyone to become disenfranchised.

Say NO to banning the written and spoken word.

24 thoughts on “BloganuaryDay 16: What is a cause you passionate about, and why?

  1. Yes! Yes, Yes! Everyone has a right to an opinion. However, no one has the right to physically hurt or intimidated another. There are people in fear of voting for who they want, stating their political beliefs, or worshiping as they please. These are very scary times . I’m passionate about equality for women and for teaching Americans in general about Women and all other minorities to be exposed to or to embrace our country’s diverse history.

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  2. Very subjective that certain people can say something and not get dinged and others are fired or written up by media. Freedom of speech. Are we saying people are not capable of reading or thinking past the 6th grade or perhaps 4th grade? Hmm, if everyone is the same, then one or a few can profit, hmmmmm.

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    1. The scary thing is, those doing it think they are on the side of right…they can’t even see what they’re doing and the greater implications


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