My daughter went back to DC this week.

My Husband is presently skiing somewhere north of New York City.

Of course I am grateful for all of this.

However, this morning I could not find my ipad.

Quelle horreur!

So I texted my husband and daughter to send a “Find my iphone” beep…

I am grateful for the multiple tracking devices at our disposal…

13 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday- January 15

  1. Great story! I lose my devices all the time. I ask my iphone… Seri find my iPad and it will beep. Or I ask my iPad, seri my my iPhone and my phone beeps. As long as you have a phone and an iPad you can track either because they both have seri and Seri will will tell you how to use that tracking option. But I get that you must have panicked. I wish seri would also find my remote. I’m always losing that. 🙀 unbelievably I found my remote inside the refrigerator the other day. (I probably was on the phone while cooking dinner) and since my multi tasking days apparently are over, the result was remote in the fridge.

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    1. The only thing I lose with regularity are my glasses…I take them off at various spots and forget. I’ve been trying to put them on my desk when I take them off though

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    1. Yes I did. And I’ll give you the whole story. I normally get up before my husband so I don’t usually open the shades or make the bed until after he’s up. As he wasn’t there, I unplugged my iPad from charging, went to the window, put the iPad on the sill, opened the shades and made the bed. I don’t usually put the iPad on the sill, I normally go straight to my desk and put it there….and for the life of me I couldn’t retrace my steps…😆

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  2. Indeed! All of this by yourself time and no iPad??? As to the glasses, if they are OTC readers, I suggest buying several pairs at a Walmart type store. I keep one on my desk, one in my purse, and one in the kitchen. Sometimes I walk off with them and lay them down where I shouldn’t, but It’s pretty easy to backtrack to find them. If they are prescription, it makes it tougher. Enjoy your alone time!

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    1. Alas I don’t wear readers. I’m near sighted so I need them for some distance things, like when I leave the house. That’s why I lose them…cause I’ll have them on and I’ll need to do something close so I take them off and next thing you know they’re lost😆

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  3. Now you can relax and have your me time. I generally put things back but I have had to search for my phone a few times. Just found a feature that I can say, “Hey Siri, where are you?” and he’ll tell me where he is! (My Siri is a male voice). I love that.

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