Some people errantly think that forgiving shows weakness, that it lets the offender off the hook for whatever the misdeed was.

The people that think that way are quite misguided.

We forgive others so that we can get on with our lives. We forgive because holding on to the anger is stagnating.

If someone wronged you, and you hold on to that hurt, they still have power over you. Why do you want someone else to continue to have power over you?

I get that some things are unforgivable- that some wrongs are so egregious that you can’t for one second think about forgiving. And I’m not saying that you have to go up to that person and shake their hand and then have a coffee. You don’t ever have to tell the person that you forgive them. You can keep that forgiveness a secret between your head and your heart. I’m saying that in your heart you should just remember that what’s done is really done, and all the hostility that you’re holding in your heart should be pushed away to make room for something better, something that will make you more whole than you are right now.

There’s a statute of limitations on how long you can blame someone else. Ask yourself if you are living the best life that you can, or if you are letting the actions of others drag you down. Does it really make you feel better to blame someone else?


It’s for you.

Allow yourself to let it go and move on.

35 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 15: What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning?

  1. Very true! I had to let childhood trauma go. You can’t continue to hold on and blame your parents. After years of doing that you’ll see it literally got you nowhere. Find peace and don’t make the same mistakes as them. Find new ones to make! LOL

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  2. I’ve got a bad memory, so sometimes it seems people like to remind me of things in my past is the reason I’m the way I am, and I am weak for dismissing it. Uh ??? Which I don’t like, because then I start remembering, and blame the person who brought it up. Why do people do that? There are some things I guess I don’t forgive, but I don’t really think that’s it. I think it’s more I don’t trust certain things with certain people just because of something that happened. Nobody, I think, doesn’t like forgiveness. It’s sometimes hard to see the flip side sometimes, but I try.

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  3. Very Good advice. I can usually forgive quite easily and I don’t tend to hold a grudge. However, I admit there are a couple of people who can still irk me. The fortunate thing is if I am angry at someone once I get it out, (cry, clean the kitchen, write something), whatever it takes, I can then let the anger or hurt go. You are correct, to fail to forgive others, only hurts ourselves.

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  4. Profoundly accurate words, and still a work in progress for me with 1 individual that I gave 34 years of my life to. Just this morning in fact…another moment that has clouded my entire day and I knew not to delve where I did so yes, forgiving and letting go is absolutely necessary.

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  5. Forgiving others is difficult. Forgiving myself is even harder. But I find the harder it is to forgive the more impactful the release is when I finally succeed. Forgiveness is the kindest gift we can give to ourselves. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Oh man is that a lesson I need to learn in a hurry. I so struggle with issues I have with my sister, especially now that mom is gone. I’m actually doing better than I thought I could but it’s not easy.

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  7. Yes, it’s true. But will you ever forgive the person you cut out of your life? If it’s any consolation, I’m now trying to decide if I should cut the same person out of my life for a second time because she did something else I may consider to be unforgivable.

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