Remember when I wrote a blog about the “ABOUT” page for you blog? Remember I likened it to a summary that someone would use on a dating app? And I asked, based on my about page if you would date my blog?

Well, after looking at my 13th prompt, I I sort of feel like I’m answering dating app questions… I mean, look at today’s prompt- isn’t that a question you would ask someone you were interested in romantically? Is WordPress being bought out by a dating app and are they going to combine forces, and this is the way to see if the algorithm can multitask?

But anyway…

My ideal day would include the following, and would preferably start early:

  1. 15 minutes of morning wake up activities including listening to a song with intent, journal, one page of my daily book and a big glass of water
  2. 30 minutes on exercise bike listening to music
  3. Writing for an hour or two- with first cup of properly brewed tea
  4. 20 minute walk with dog
  5. Shower and morning pamper with aromatherapy
  6. finish crossword from night before if not done second cup of properly brewed tea
  7. Brunch, at a pretty place with a bellini and most probably an egg dish, but will not also consider pancakes or french toast. Bacon a plus.
  8. Something culturalish- movie/live performance/museum/botanic garden
  9. walk home if not too far
  10. nap on the couch with HGTV or Food network humming in the background
  11. one hour of reading a book that I really enjoy with of course 3rd cup of properly brewed tea
  12. Dinner is some sort of leftover that I unearthed in fridge- or a salad if leftovers are scarce
  13. Bath- with a face mask and hair mask and any other part of my body that can be masked except for N95 mask
  14. Not too taxing TV show for about 45 minutes
  15. Evening journaling while I have my final cup of tea
  16. Read till sleepy, which if I’ve done everything correctly, shouldn’t take too long

14 thoughts on “Bloganuary: What does your ideal day look like?

  1. I really appreciate this. I notice that your ideal day has nothing to do with your husband or daughter. Sometimes I feel guilty that my ideal day does not include my family so I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.

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  2. Wow. Sounds like a spa. I pictured big windows with transparent light green curtains slightly lifting from a nippy breeze while sitting at the table with tea! That is the epitome of self care! I am starting to realize the importance of self care. You are doing it. Thank you for your post! Oh…. What kind of tea?

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