So I was out with my friend M. We were at the subway station at Grand Central Train Station and M had to refill her metrocard. Now, I may have mentioned that sometimes people loiter around train stations…with a varying degree of intentions…

So M did not really want to take her wallet out. But as she has no Iwatch, nor set up her phone with any sort of payment tap, in order to put money on the metro card she must take out a credit card or cash so that she can up the value…

Her dilemna?

She was leery of some of the people hanging out at the machines.

Her thought was: why isn’t there more security at places where it is known that you will be opening one’s wallet.

So, as we add to my whole train station thing…should train stations be required to have additional security to protect people?

What say the group?

54 thoughts on “Where the Money Is:

  1. This may be an inappropriate comment but learning how to execute a swift kick in the balls might serve its purpose. 😳😀

    I don’t live in NYC so I can’t answer the security question, but I’ve found extra security isn’t always going to protect you in tricky situations…and I too live in a big, metropolitan city.

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  2. I don’t think train stations should have extra security. I’ve been in several train stations in different cities. Some felt safer than others. I’ve never thought the station needed to hire security to protect me.

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  3. Hard for me to say, not living in NYC, but sounds like your friend is being a tad paranoid. I’ve been in more European train stations than American ones, but that sort of issue never occurred to me.

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  4. There are going to be lurkers and dicey individuals just about anywhere, but ironically this sort of falls into that assumption concept we just wrote about. I’m not sure if security milling around will solve much. Is the crime rate extremely high at the stations? This seems like a situation where the city might want to use their resources for other things and stress education about staying safe and aware over placing personnel to monitor possible crime.

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      1. All of our transit is above ground around here with the same sort of kiosk areas and often in really sketchy areas of our cities. No security for us, which is why phone apps or adding $ online if you commute a lot is stressed so highly

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  5. She should of been worried it’s getting bad everywhere they need more security everywhere I have been used to living in tourist towns since 88 and I live near Detroit and I get hounded for money if I shop around here and most places like big grocery stores take card only at self checkout

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  6. Yes more security. Some areas need it. My first husband once told me the trick about going into the city was not to look down. It’s all about your attitude of confidence. He showed me areas where you do not look people directly in the eyes, you just look forward and keep going! Lol

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      1. The last time I was in Toronto (February 2020 *sigh* I would have enjoyed it more if I knew it would be the last time in forever), I actually asked some disreputable looking folks hanging around a train station for directions. They looked startled that I talked to them, but they also gave me spot on directions. I try not assume people are out to get me.

        If your friend is that worried about pulling out her entire wallet, she should have planned ahead and had what she needed (credit card, whatever) accessible in a pocket for ease of use. No need for more armed people in crowded places, sheesh.

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  7. I don’t think there should be extra security but I do think the surrounding areas should be marked off so you’re only in it if using or waiting to use the machines. T is frustrating but I find it’s different wherever you go. Can you top them up online at all?

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  8. I’ve been on the NYC subway which didn’t feel any different than the one in Montreal. Some stations had more creepy characters hanging around, but honestly when you’re at the ticket booth, it’s safe to place your purse or backpack on the small courtesy counter to take out one’s wallet. In very busy/crowded stations I didn’t have my backpack or purse on my shoulders as I would normally, but placed them in front of my body where I felt I could better protect them from theft.

    The times people are the most vulnerable aren’t actually at the ticket booth but in the push/shove moments of getting on or off a train, or while going up or down an escalator.


  9. For the first time I’m recognizing the benefit to Apple Pay or other tap systems. I’m wandering around the Bay Area, walking to get ice for son or coffee and my dilemma is, do I want to carry my huge purse with the wallet, just the wallet or one credit card? I’m already carrying my cell phone. I finally get it.

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  10. Well, given the fact that your friend knew she was going to need to pay, perhaps if she took her credit card or cash out of her wallet before she got to the station so that she would be prepared and not have to open her purse at that point? I mean, people standing in line behind her to get to the machine would also appreciate the speediness of that transaction, no?

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  11. I’ve been in subways and rail system around the world. Some I felt comfortable in and some not so much. I feel that added security will only keep the honest people honest and above all I do not want to live in a police state. I recall mu first trip to China, as I waited to deplane, I admired the armed soldiers around the terminal and the plane. Just saying.

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  12. Maybe just take the essentials the days she plans to load up and use cash if she is leery of using her debit and coding in a password or maybe just try to blend it with the others. NY is fast paced, so you have to be on the ball 24/7 and also in many other areas.


  13. I agree your friend might think about planning in advance so this isn’t a concern. I’m one that doesn’t want my financial information on any portable electronic device. After working with banks, I can assure you, many of their “safety measure” are a joke. So, risk being robbed or risk being hacked. Pick your poison.

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  14. Being raised in Chicago, there was never extra security. I just learned to be hyper aware and do things ahead of time, like have my money in my hand or whatever. I was always taught you shouldn’t be digging around for money in public lol

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  15. I can totally understand the situation and your thought. It’s a dilemma especially for a society that values freedom and liberty but also people are always saying “the government should ……(and so on)”
    No matter what we do and where we live, there are risks and bad things happen. I don’t have train stations but I am not so naive to believe that my little city is immune. I am glad your friend was not alone, and perhaps the best defence is awareness and perhaps a little panic button that if you push it makes a heck of racket.

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