• We started off the year with good friends for brunch at Cathedrale. And a great way to start is a champagne flight- take a bottle of champagne and add a little peach nectar, or cider, or pomegranate or oj. Plus- they had a jazz quartet…
  • Another week, another bowl of ramen. Pork broth simmered for over ten hours leaves you with the most amazing depth of flavor…
  • My daughter was meeting her friend, and her friend was late, so my daughter wandered into some nearby shops. She went into a pet store and happened upon this jersey. As you may know, I often call the dog Betty Boop…
  • We finally got to see Six on Broadway. It was worth the wait. It’s a rock musical about the six wives of Henry VIII, and it totally works- long live the Queens. If you have a chance to see this in any form- please do!!!
  • TV- of which I watched a bit of this week. This is Us is building towards the series finale. Cobra Kai, which I love love love. And Chip and Jo have officially launched Magnolia Network, and I am all in for some homespun renovations.
  • So I was a bit cranky this week. Dealing with my parents health issues and all the things that surround parents aging plus the cold snap has put me in a bit of a funk. I’m having a teeny tiny pity party for myself that I’m sure I will snap out of soon. Thanks for understanding my angst this week!!!

27 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: January 9

  1. I was inspired last night actually. Pulling my curtains to keep in the heat (30 degrees) and realized that it was AFTER 5 pm and it wasn’t pitch black night out!!! Used to be dark at 4pm not so long ago. Spring is coming!!!!!

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  2. Love the photos! And the post! And I love teeny tiny pity parties. I put my whole heart and soul into them and come out the other side feeling refreshed!!

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  3. The champagne flight is a great idea–I’ll have to try that next New Year’s–or maybe even Mother’s Day–that would be fun. And, I have to see that musical!!! I will keep an eye out for it here, in the Greater Seattle area. Cheers!

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  4. Your funk is understandable, but maybe writing this post and thinking back on the good things of the week will help. I hope the coming week is not only filled with inspiring things, but also finds you feeling better. I hope your parents’ health issues improve this week too. I know they have it hard right now which in turn makes things hard for you.

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    1. You know the hardest part is trying not to rob my parents of their dignity. They hate relying on anyone other than themselves. To find yourself not quite so self sufficient anymore is daunting

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      1. Now you’re going to ask me to remember…I think it was the beginning of last season. I thought it got a little ridiculous


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