Earlier this week, I hit you with my knowledge of 70’s TV by revealing the sitcom moment that makes me laugh. Today, I’m going to give you another moment of knowledge garnered from my misspent youth sitting in front of a 25 inch Magnavox sans remote.

The Odd Couple- Felix Unger famously states:

Never ASSUME, because you make an ASS out of U and ME

Do people assume things about me?

Oh yes.

I am short so people assume that I am weak. While I might not be your go to person for opening a jar of pickles, don’t underestimate my inner strength and resolve. Actually, try it. See how far that gets you when dealing with me.

I was a stay at home Mom so people assume I never had a tough job and that I am stupid. I quit my intellectually challenging 5-9 job (that’s am to pm for clarification) in order to be a Mom. Do not think that this means I was not competent at a job. Do not think that I have the IQ of a gnat. While I know that I am not the sharpest pencil in the box, I am not the dullest either. And I’m one whole pencil- not even a tiny bit broken. But again, if you wish to underestimate my intelligence or competence, just come at me…

I wear black all the time so people assume I’ve got a depressed EMO, goth, Elvira thing going on. I just like black clothing. I prefer dark colors because the city is dirty and I can be a little messy. It’s easy when doing laundry. And black clothes make me feel confident. It’s my thing.

Do we even go into what people think about the things that I like to do?

I like foreign films so I’m a snob.

I like romantic comedies so I’m an idiot

I like Impressionism so I’m basic.

I like champagne so I’m above myself.

This list can go on and on if I let it, but I figured I’d give you a few examples.

People assume, People judge. I can’t control them, but I can control me.

So I just keep on being me.

43 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 9: What do people incorrectly assume about you?

  1. And Yourself is the best person to be!
    As Dr.Seuss says, “There is no one that is more youer than you!” 🙂
    I hear you about being short.
    I like the quote, “Underestimate me, it will be fun!”

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      1. Your post is great – a lot of self awareness. Me, not so much. 😂😂. Mine will be out on Tuesday – I am running two days behind. 😬

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  2. You being you is perfect, in my humble opinion 😉 I won’t lie, I laughed out loud at the preference for black clothing. I knew this already about you from your Stitch Fix posts, but assuming you are channeling Elvira seems hilarious to me with your perky bob and glasses…unless that’s not really you in those pics you share? WHAT!!

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  3. I can relate to most of these assumptions. Trust me, I have been there before. You’ve said it all. We can control what we think about ourselves, but we can’t control what other people think about us. Their thoughts are their thoughts. 

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  4. It’s wrong to assume, but I imagine we all do it in some form at times. Like you, I wear black a lot, and I’ve been judged at our church because of it. How ridiculous. So, Christians are only allowed to wear light colors or they’re channeling the devil. 😆 There are multiple reasons people like black clothes. Also, the stay at home mom thing… 🙄 People love making stuff up.

    It’s a good reminder to not assume anything. Love that quote too! Excellent post. 👍


    1. You are very lucky to never be on the receiving end of passive aggressive comments, such as how nice it must be to just take care of your kids all day and they know how exhausted their nanny is every day

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  5. To quote my favorite 13-year-old: I’m travel size…for your convenience. As for staying home and raising children, I’ve seen more than one high-powered career woman brought to her knees by a toddler. 🤣 Raising children could be one of the most demanding jobs in the world. It’s so sad people decide it’s okay to shame and belittle others based on their limited opinions.

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  6. I was looked down upon by family for staying home with my three children. Sure, we could have had a bigger house and not struggled as much financially. But sometimes those things are less important. I’ll never regret that choice.

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  7. I heard a bit of frustration in your post. I know people do make erroneous assumptions all the time and based usually on nothing. My wife loves black clothing also btw. I think some people assume I am naturally outgoing in order to give speeches, toasts and so on. The opposite is true – I am actually quite reticent to draw attention to myself but it’s a skill I have developed so now people think I am naturally confident.

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