I admit it.

I’m hilarious.

Ok. Not so much. However, I do love to laugh. But what makes me laugh is something difficult to quantify. So I’ve been sitting here thinking about the times that I know I’ve laughed.

Without a doubt, the thing that makes me laugh no matter how many times I think about it is this particular scene from Taxi. Reverend Jim, who may or may not overuse certain substances, is trying to get his driver’s license, and needs to take the written test. (FYI- there is a longer clip on you tube but I gave you just the small section that never fails to make me laugh)

35 thoughts on “Day 7 Bloganuary: What makes you laugh?

  1. That’s da best! I think what makes that scene particularly funny, outside of the resonance with a driving test, is that they see it alllllll the way through and then some. It’s the absurdity to me that makes it so classic. 😂😂😂

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