• Raclette is a cheesy delicious thing…they take half a wheel of Swiss and put it on a heating element. When the cheese gets gooey. they spread it on a toasty baguette. Then they add green onions. gherkins and mustard. It’s so good…
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden was lit up at night for Lightscape. My pictures do not do it justice. It’s just beautiful to walk through the garden and look at the light displays. And perhaps get a glass of mulled wine along the way…
  • When the weather gets chilly, there is nothing I enjoy more than ramen. Luckily, we have many places to choose from. Koku was delicious!!! I stick with pork based both (no miso), and I give the nori to my husband.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art- First off- for all you Happiness Project Fans…when I went to the Met this week I talked to Gretchen Ruben- not about her work in personal growth, but more like- “Members are still allowed to use this entrance, right?” because the Member entrance sign was conspicuously absent… But anyway…I loved the Theatrical Masks!!! How fun are they? Gallery 162 is just wonderful- it’s another gallery that I just like to stand in and soak it all up! Plus the art…Artemis and the deer were really cool! Art of Native America- The Charles and Valerie Diker Collection (new rotation) I love the cradleboard. Look at the work, craftsmanship and love that went into that piece! Made in 1890, in one of the Dakota’s.
  • My daughter surprised me by taking me to a candlelight concert featuring a string quartet playing the music of my daughter’s favorite artist- Taylor Swift. And the lightbulb flashes and I realize why TS was so prominent in my Spotify wrap up. The whole evening was lovely!!!!

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