Ok- So Deb told me about this blog challenge- bloganuary- every day there will be a prompt…

So first…challenge accepted.

Secondly…for the month of January you will be getting two posts a day from me…

Prompt: What would you tell your teenage self?


  1. Start doing yoga- your body will thank you later
  2. stop judging your worth by what your Mother says to you. This will save you much angst later in life.
  3. Study harder- not being a better student really will be your biggest regret
  4. Don’t drink Jack in college- so not worth the hangover
  5. Trust your gut when it comes to guys- you know more than you think you do

35 thoughts on “Bloganuary- Jan 1

    1. Do be fair…I’m still unsure! But I searched bloganuary on WP reader and there was a way to sign up. Apparently there will be an email every day with the prompt. Judging by yesterday and what Deb said, the email comes about 6pm EST. I know todays prompt is the teen self thing


  1. I agree with the yoga advice. I joined Hotworx where you do yoga, pilates, and biking in infrared saunas. It has been amazing. It’s interesting how the little things we do to change up our daily routine can boost mood, confidence, and energy. Our younger selves could learn from the wisdom we have today.

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  2. Love your Responses, I could have wrote them for myself, except number 4.
    I think I would add to mine cut back on all the new clothes and going out, save the money. Yes it will be boring now, but life will be so much easier later.

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  3. I would have told myself to trust my own instincts and opinions more, and to worry a whole lot less about what others thought of me. I would have said go after what you want and don’t worry about failing….just go for it!

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  4. Excellent answers, and I agree with them all – with the exception of Jack. I’ve always been more of a malt whisky/whiskey kind of girl – and those hangovers I regret not one iota. The one I gained from the Moscow Mules, and the one from the Tequila and Vodka shots – those I regret 😀

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  5. I would tell my teenage self that things won’t always be this way. That one day you will have healthy relationships. You will have learned how to be a strong person. That love is more than just a feeling and if there’s anything you’re going to do fairly well, it’s being a mom.

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