My Great Grandfather died in 1918 of the flu. One Hundred years later, people still get the flu, and people still die from it. The flu is endemic. We have learned to live with the flu being a constant presence in our lives.


1.4 million people attempted suicide last year, (just in the United States). For 2022, let’s see if we can work on getting that number down. Suicide is not something we should accept as a constant in our lives- it doesn’t have to be endemic.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline- 800-272-8255

42 thoughts on “Closing Out the Year

  1. How old was your great grand father when he died? I know that particular strain of flue was especially hard on young people. The woman who lived in our farmhouse back in 1919 lost two children and an son in law (all early 20’s). Been thinking about you and your parents this week. We brought my dad home from the care center on Wednesday. Just between you and me, I don’t see it working out long term. Take care LA! DM

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      1. 32 is, way, way too young. Were there other children in the family besides your grandpa? I’m just thinking of what your great, great grandmother had to deal with…and this was pre -Social Security.

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      2. My grandfather was the oldest of three. His mother eventually married someone who lost their wife to flu, but it was a Brady bunch…six kids plus they had two more. My grandfather did put himself thru college and law school, so you just keep swimming

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  2. Suicide is huge, and so is heart disease among others. When you put it into perspective, Covid is measly. I believe 2022 is going to be a better year for a lot of people. ❤

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  3. A sober thought as we go into the new year and a timely one. There are so many feeling the weight of depression and experiencing symptoms of mental illness that have been intensified by the lockdowns and pandemic drama. A simple act of kindness can go a long way in someone’s life. Let’s make 2022 good for someone who needs support.

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  4. Yes, unfortunately I do not see Covid going away! I just pray it doesn’t wreck as much havoc and not as fatal to so many as it was in 2020 and still this year.
    YES, about suicide prevention, SO IMPORTANT! Kindness really can go a long way, there is nothing little about a little word possibly changing someone’s day and outlook!

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  5. The suicide rate is unacceptable but understandable especially after the past two years. Yes, we need to check on others to offer a lifeline if they need it….virus be damned.

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  6. I’m sure the suicide rate has increased during the pandemic, due to the stress of the lock downs and the resulting fear, hopelessness and isolation. Thank you for highlighting the need to address that issue, and bring those numbers down….way down!

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