The Numbers:

  1. 80,383 views
  2. 29,375 visitors
  3. 32,982 likes
  4. 22,754 comments
  5. 5,184 followers

My Most Popular posts:

  1. I Read…Therefore
  2. How do I Write? Let me count the words
  3. Bad Writing
  4. Reading and Writing and Writing and Reading
  5. Gratitude Saturday May 8

News Flash: My most popular posts are all about blogging, writing and reading. I guess I should concentrate on talking about words and what we can do with them…insert crossed eyes here…

By far, my audience is from the USA. But after that, we have India, UK, Canada and Australia.

What’s up for blogging in 2022? No idea. Just keep writing and thinking… Just putting words and sometimes pictures on the page is my goal.

If you have any suggestions/ideas, would gladly listen…

Thank you for making this a great year!!

40 thoughts on “My Year in Blogging

  1. I love when you write about NY. When you wrote about the shut down and outside your apt. I liked the impromptuness -is this a word? I knew you wrote from your heart, unlike many of the news articles we read and I believed every word. I like the quips about living in the city.

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    1. Because judging and think there is only one opinion are what’s going to do us in. I read something today that was so one sided and simplistic and was written opposite what the author says they stand for, and yet…they didn’t see it at all…own the fact that you might judge, you might be a hypocrite and that you might be wrong. Then think about it. Made me so mad!

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  2. Congrats on a fantastic year, LA. Was great fun. I look forward to more words and pics on pages….😉 Seriously, you know I love your blog, and look forward to reading you in 2022. Have a wonderful New Year! 💖

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  3. Your numbers are incredible, but your blog posts are so much more than numbers and data. You have had a great year of interesting blog posts, and I am sure next year will continue the thinking, pondering, questioning. insights, and opportunities to interact with people we don’t always agree with–in a civilized manner. Happy New Year, LA!

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  4. That’s a great blogging year – I haven’t studied my stats, but it’s always been fun to see what the most popular posts are. As for next year, I’m definitely going to keep going!


  5. Fun stats and impressive as well. My Tuesday’s Thoughts always rank up there as my most popular posts. 🙂 Keep doing what you are doing, love your posts and how you make us think. Its what makes your blog unique and wonderful.

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