• Spencer was a pretty bizarre movie. While I think Kristen Stewart did a good job, it’s almost more quantity than quality- she is predominantly featured- there’s very few scenes without her. Her portrayal of Diana is somewhat over the top- and I know this was the directors intent, but I think it’s a bit too much. I am confident that she will get an Oscar nod, but I think Gaga was better in Gucci.
  • Tik Tik Boom (Netflix) I really enjoyed this biopic of Jonathan Larson, creator of Rent. I thought Andrew Garfield gave an Oscar worthy performance, and I found this very enjoyable. However, I am a huge theater fan, so this movie was right in my wheelhouse.
  • Nightmare Alley (theater) This was good, not great. The pacing is off, and the storyline is not as developed as I’d like…Too much of some things and not enough of others
  • It’s. Ramen. Season.
  • We went to Burger & Lobster. My daughter had lobster. I had a burger. Perfect.
  • Saw Company on Broadway. As some shows have been shut down, we were thrilled that our performance on Company was ON! Great show!!
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art: Inspiring Walt Disney The Animation of French Decorative Arts. I Loved this exhibit, but alas, we were not allowed to take pictures. What was wonderful about this exhibit was seeing how certain works of art, decorative items and such inspired Disney’s Animators when creating the movies. There’s a pair of figurines, and then next to it is the scene from a movie that they inspired. I sometimes think that people don’t appreciate the thoughts and ideas that go into animated works. The exhibit focuses on Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and to a lesser extent, Snow White.
  • Every year the Dyker Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn goes crazy with lights. My daughter and I decided to visit this year. It’s just a spectacle, but in a crazy good way.
  • Fun Fact: The first public Christmas Tree in the US was in Madison Square Park…so I bring you a little piece of history

34 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: December 26

  1. The work that goes into animation– especially hand animation– blows my mind. I rewatched part of Fantasia recently, and I just sat there thinking “How did they do THAT in the 1940s??” Just amazing.

    Betty looks adorable, but she looks ambivalent about here Rangers jersey. Perhaps she is really a Penguins fan?

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    1. And yes…what goes into animation!! Just incredible. They have his wall with about twenty aspects of the Cinderella scene where she goes from rags to the ball gown…just incredible

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    I love the history lesson.  The over-the-tops light are amazing! ChrisSent using the mobi

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  3. We often walked to Rockefeller Center in December after going to an Evensong service at St. Thomas. We enjoyed the tree, the happy crowd, and the decorated stores. There is nothing like the excitement of Manhattan!

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  4. Wonderful reflections and amazing photos. Ramen looks amazing, and I concur with you completely, Tik Tik Boom was stunning. My bias for theatre owned as well. Oh, and I think Betty looks quite cute with the new hairdo. 💖

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