Every now and then your friends tell you a fictional tale- and sometimes you have to pass it along for the lesson involved…

Once upon a time, a small group of people went hiking out west. Group A was in a car. When the driver of Group A parked, someone told them that they were way out of the parking lines. Fine. So Driver went to adjust the park job.


But there was one small problem-

Passenger was still getting back into the car when Driver was readjusting…and Passenger was injured because, you know, the car was moving, and the Passenger was half in and half out…

So Driver takes Passenger to the hospital.


Driver drops Passenger off at the ER. And then Driver leaves. Because the group is going out to dinner. And Driver has to meet the others for dinner.

So Driver basically ran over Passenger, and then left her.

And Oh, as she dropped her off at ER, she made sure to say:

Please don’t tell your insurance , say I wasn’t involved. I don’t want my rates to go up.

What’s the lesson? you ask…

The lesson is…when your wife says that someone is not a nice person…believe her…

23 thoughts on “The Passed Down Tale

  1. I am thinking of one of the first stories I heard upon moving South to the Gulf Coast-there were a group of reporters on their way out of Mobil, Al and they hit a ditch and needed help. A group of very big rednecks came over-about 5 of them as the 2 reporters cringed in the car. “Where you going?” “New York,” said the reporter drawing slightly backwards. Then he watched as the 5 men lifted the car along with him and his friend easily out of the ditch. “Thank you,” he stammered. “We might not like you but we don’t mind helping you on your way,” said the leader of the group while the reporter watched as they drove away. One of my first stories I heard and enjoyed so many years ago.

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  2. Well this reminds me of when my son was in middle school and I would drop him and a friend’s son off at school. I started to pull out from the curb, not realizing my friend’s son wasn’t all the way out. Thankfully his yell got my attention and I stopped. He had slipped but thankfully, wasn’t injured. This could have gone really bad. But it was a lesson learned…to always make sure everyone is out of the car before taking off!

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  3. I would run fast away from that person. My dad is 89 went to dinner with an elderly friend. They had tickets for a live concert after dinner. My dad choked on his prime rib and my friend left him at the restaurant because he didn’t want to miss the concert. My dad went by ambulance to the hospital.

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  4. Wow – the person who is so self-centered and uncaring of the welfare of others needs to do some serious work on themselves. Dumps their victim at the hospital? Don’t claim it on my insurance even though it’s their fault? Yeah, that’s a delete & block for me…

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