I read a book recently. The title and the story are basically forgettable- a light book trying to disguise itself as current and now and deep. There is nothing worse than a book or TV show or movie that is trying to take itself too seriously. Or a blogger…but that’s a whole other thing…

What annoyed me most, along with the pretention and righteousness, was the use of the word CONTACTLESS. Everything in this book was contactless. Obviously, the book was written during pandemic, so I understand grabbing onto the hot new phrase, but yet…


I don’t want to live in a world where contactless is commonplace.

I don’t want to worry about touching.

I want to forge connections.

Contactless just sounds robotic. And I don’t want to be a robot. I want to be a real, live human being who makes real, live connections. I want to interact with people. I don’t want to live my whole life on a screen…

What is the point of anything if we decide to close ourselves off into little boxes…never letting anyone in…never letting ourselves out…

Think about how you want to live the rest of your life…it’s not going anywhere. If you’re happy living on a screen, so be it. But don’t get mad at the people who are aren’t. Don’t get mad at the people choosing to make contact.

I want to make contact.

56 thoughts on “Contactless

  1. I totally agree! I can’t believe there are people out there who want a contactless Christmas. You just missed grandma’s last Christmas because grandma could die. If this is how forever is going to be, it’s terribly sad. We all need human interaction even if it’s a kind word exchanged with a stranger. I think with contactless we are giving up more than we think we are.

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  2. Hug the people you love! I do kinda like those RFID credit cards that you just hover over the scanner. I’m not a fan of trendy words like Contactless or the idea of a life without contact.

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  3. Just a shallow untalented author trying to sound hip and on the cutting edge. Don’t think I would have made it past page 5. I might be an introvert and prefer dogs over 99% of people but I still enjoy a workday from the coffee shop or library or the local park.

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  4. I agree, LA! The word “contactless” makes me think hands off, no messiness and blah. Life for me is all about relationships and all that comes with them. Even in this forum when your write and we respond, there is real meaning and contact that comes when we engage. And I feel better for it.

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  5. Couldn’t agree more. A friend of mine who lives alone said she desperately missed human touch during the pandemic. She’s a nurse and works with ballet dancers, so her work normally involves touch – and she touched absolutely no-one for a long long time. I was moved to tears by her words. My Mum isn’t a touchy feely person, but even she appreciated touch during the pandemic.

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  6. Yes to contact. Nothing like a good hug. I am holding you in my thoughts about your dad. My mom is 98 and will be spending 3 days here. I am gladly giving up our bedroom so she feels comfortable. Can’t wait to give her a hug and sit and visit with her even though it is frustrating sometimes and she says inappropriate things and I don’t want to hear about my sister and blah, blah, blah. Sorry, rant over. Contact is good.

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  7. We are created to be relational beings. >I>Contactless sounds very sterile and cold even though it’s now meant to take on the connotation of caring concern during the pandemic. I’ve tired of living in this dystopian novel where many things in daily life is reported to be toxic. I pray you have opportunities to make more wonderful memories with your dad this Christmas. 💜

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  8. Though I’m not a touchy-feely person, no contact would definitely be a bad thing. We’re already losing touch with each other by staring at screens all the time. Have a memorable Christmas with your dad, LA.

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    1. Thank you! That’s just it…I’m not a touchy-feely person either. And I get that three of my closest friends live in different parts of the country and we all text as opposed to seeing each other.however….shutting ourselves off isn’t really a good thing

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  9. The world is already becoming that way LA, so slowly people are missing it creeping in. How many people now pay for goods in shop using their phones, use self service check outs, do on line banking rather than visit the bank, all these things take away that small interaction with live people. Doctors visits are now a rarity, most are done online or over the phone. People zoom rather than visit, I know in these times that is the safe way, but it was happening before the pandemic. It’s a sad fact that the young of today like to live this way and they are the ones that will one day run the world, not those of us who remember the days when face to face was the norm.

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  10. I share you distaste for books (or movies) that take themselves too seriously! And in my opinion, one of the worst lasting legacies of the pandemic will be the damage that was done by forcing people to stay out of contact with each other. We need human contact, on a very basic level, and now we’ve become afraid of it!

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  11. I grinned and thought to myself – you are always reading books! I agree that being without contact with people is sad and unhealthy. I think loneliness is detrimental to physical and mental health.

    The snow was less this morning and easier to shovel. Regardless of the wind or snow, people are out walking. Some like me hiding under layers and only eyes peeking out, and others ignoring their red cold faces and somehow ignoring the temperatures.

    That’s life though eh? I am bundled up for protection from the elements, but others seem to pretend the elements don’t effect them. Is that too serious?


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