I had my every few years, routine tests for those over a certain age this week. I am grateful that it is over and I don’t need one for five years. I am grateful that my prep went well and the test was completed. I am grateful for the five nurses and two doctors who were with me for this ride. I am grateful to the lab for getting test results within 24 hours. I am grateful that everything is healthy and good.

24 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday

      1. It happens, sometimes WordPress publishes immediately even if you swear you scheduled it. Being that I tend to schedule months in advance (art drawn/created now has ’22 on it) people would think they were time traveling, I’ve had an offline friend as about that very thing. She asked if I accidentally dated my work incorrectly.

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  1. Had my first bone density test and then the eye photos to check for diabetic retinopathy. Glad that my bones and my eyes are fine. I don’t have to do that other one for a year or two thank goodness. Glad that yours all were ok too!

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  2. Good to hear! And getting results turned round quickly when they’re ones we want to hear is a real positive. Over here in the UK, all too often a rapid result means bad news, so we steel ourselves for the wait and freak out if it arrives early.

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