We have one of those bedframes that moves up and down (FYI- totally grateful for that!!!!)

I was putting my sheets in the washing machine and I heard a CLANK…my sheets don’t normally clank so I pulled out the sheet and realized that the bed remote was tangled in the sheets…

I am very grateful that I didn’t wash the bed remote…I don’t want to live without magically lifting my head and feet when I want…

29 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday December 11

  1. I don’t know why but your post reminded me (I’m sure I’m aging myself) of a time when you could put a quarter in a hotel bed and it would vibrate. I thought that was the epitome of inventions. One time I put in the quarter but unplugged the cord, after Larry fell asleep I plugged it in suddenly, oh my, that was a priceless bed moment. Bahaha, C

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