• Richmondtown is a series of preserved buildings from the 1600 and 1700’s on Staten Island. This is low budget yet high on charm, especially our Guide who had all sorts of knowledge. Loved the iron rail that swings in and out of fireplace so you don’t get burned- Tinsel was originally made of Tin- how did I never put that together!!
  • Fotografiska: Andy Warhol Photo Factory (underwhelming)- Sarah Moon At the Still Point (she does a photo story where she connects the photos by a Red Thread- very interesting) Anders Petersen Color Lehmitz (interesting to see the negative reels- unblemished and unfiltered) Ruth Orkin Expressions of Life (thought she had some amazing shots, and this was my favorite of the exhibits) Janette Beckman Rebels: From Punk to Dior
  • I thought Licorice Pizza was an excellent movie. However- the main characters, who are supposed to be falling in love, are a 25 year old woman and a 15 year old boy. I just can’t get past this. If it was the reverse, a 25 year old guy and a 15 year old girl what would we be saying? I admit that there is nothing sleazy about this movie. It is poignant and charming and the characters don’t have sex. But why did the characters have to have this age discrepancy?
  • Lure Fishbar is wonderful. Now, I don’t eat fish, so I did not partake of the tower pictured above, but my family said it was wonderful! Staff is also amazing! Got a personal email from general manager the next day (and no- we didn’t complain or anything- they just treat their customers really well) FYI- their burger is consistently on the Best of NYC list
  • C’Mon C’Mon (theater)- Beautifully shot in black and white, so I’ll give you the thumbs up for cinematography. However, the movie is long and slow. Phoenix thinks acting is taking his glasses on and off to show emotion. Script is stilted and characters end up annoying as opposite to likeable. I don’t understand the Oscar buzz.
  • King Richard (HBO Max) This is a good movie. This is NOT a great movie. There is no way this movie should be considered for an Oscar. Will Smith is fine as Richard Williams- that being said- he doesn’t bring any real nuance to the role. I didn’t watch it and say- WOW he is RW. He’s Will Smith playing a character known for his unconventional ways- this isn’t a stretch. The script says all the things it’s supposed to, but like a TV movie, you can almost guess the next lines. There is absolutely nothing exceptional about this movie, and even though you enjoy it as you watch it, its extremely forgettable.
  • Dry Pot is the new craze in Chinese food here. It’s basically a mix of ingredients lightly sauced- usually very spicy. At Mala Project you can create your own- we chose tenderloin, pork short rib, chicken thigh, mushrooms, broccoli, rice cakes and glass noodles. Delicious.
  • when my daughter was little we used to go to the children’s museum on the upper west side of Manhattan. One day we were walking down Broadway and we saw this massive line. I asked what people were waiting for. They said Cream Puffs- best cream puffs ever. So we got on line and waited and did indeed get the best cream puffs ever. Now, 16 years later, the cream puff craze has petered out. However, next door to the Chinese place we went for dinner was Beard Papa- the same cream puff place we used to go to. So, I had to get one. Still delicious…and brought back some awesome memories
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art- If you ask me what my favorite holiday decoration is, I will tell you, unequivocally, it’s the Baroque Tree at the Met. On display till 1/9/22. In Gallery 154, the Marble Stele was interesting to me because the pieces were obtained by the Met at different times (1911,21,36,38 and 51). Incredible that they were able to locate these pieces making it the “most complete grave monument of its type to have survived the archaic period” Met Museum description. Gallery 155 shows a krater used for mixing wine and water- and showed how symposiums were integral to Greek life. Wine, Women and Song…I guess that’s been around since the beginning…
  • I was supposed to see American Utopia on Broadway- it was cancelled to Non Covid illness. I admit I was bummed. Hopefully soon…

HOUSEKEEPING: Many responses of long time blog friends have been showing up in SPAM. I apologize if I don’t respond because I don’t catch them right away and then I forget what blogs they are attached to. So don’t think I ignored you!!!

49 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: December 5

  1. Thank you for taking us on this eclectic tour, although I’m missing an actual sample of the food!
    I can tell that the maker of the descriptive plaque for dolls has some issues. 😀 That aside, the main reason I adore history is in thinking about our fellow human’s living as they did.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Is that sign on both sides of the rail? Because if that guy came from the street as opposed to exiting the museum he wouldn’t be aware of the sign. That cream puff looks good, best cream puff I ever had was at this joint on my way to Rochester, NY https://www.binghamsrestaurant.com/Home sorry anytime there is a love story about a teenager and a young adult no matter which sex is older, that’s just wrong.
    If it’s 20-30 I’d be okay with it. Hell, even 28-40.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know. I kept thinking ick. And it’s not like it’s a Lolita story…but if this is #metoo, and supposed to be feminist, the point is lost on me


    1. Or it was really cold. Or it was a weekday. Or I took the picture so you didn’t see the playground filled with kids n the right, or the field with people doing tai chi, or I waited till I had a shot with very few people or I was in a more secluded part of the park, or it was early


  3. Hahaha. “Don’t worry, he got vaccinated” that’s hilarious. Lovely pics, LA, as always, and the cream puff…ummmmm, please send one of those my way, many thanks! Wonderful reflections on a lovely week. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I am not a fish or crustacean fan at all. I’m not even fond of the beach because I can’t stand seeing those little crabs running around. They make me itch. 😂 I’m a mountain girl. 🙂

        I have never thought of eating sushi or caviar. 🤢 I actually found out about ten years ago that I’m allergic to ALL fish. Now I have a good excuse to avoid it. 🙃

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Finally got around to seeing Licorice Pizza, ya know decided a rental was better than a theater viewing. To an extent I enjoyed it. It reminded me of a more real feel kind of Dazed & Confused the comparison being no real plot, just a slice of life. It honestly reminded me of an actual romance. Awkward. I thought it was poignant that the woman started to question why she hung around with the young crowd, but stupid when out of nowhere declared her love for the young man in the end. I think this would’ve been a better film if their relationship was strictly platonic tge whole way through.
    Alana Haim was cute too 😁

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Also disturbing that she had no problem exposing herself to him until he asked to touch her and got slapped but I really liked the restraint his character had when they were on the water bed. With his hand over her breast and respecting her weird boundaries.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah really kind of a weird double standard at least in Hollywood but there have been numerous female teacher predators in the news through the years.

        Liked by 1 person

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