When you say things that you are grateful for, do you go big or do you go small? Or do you never really give thanks to the things that you have in your life?

My friend Lisa asked this week about what would happen if the things you never said you were thankful for weren’t in your life today? The things we take for granted…that we shouldn’t take for granted…

My friend Joy wrote a quote along the lines of, the things you take for granted might be the things that others pray for.

As you meander through gratitude Saturday, really think about all the things that make your life wonderful. Don’t dwell on what you don’t have- consider what you do.

I am grateful for anyone who can teach me a lesson, or help me to remember one.

36 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday: December 4

  1. Gratitude has become an important part of my day morning and night. Louise Penny calls it adding your sums. Someone once told me they were not religious so did not have to give thanks, but the point is that giving thanks has nothing to do with religion. I include all things large and small and some nights just say ‘Thank You.’

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  2. I find myself saying thank you for eclectic things, along with my main squeezes of life and family and love. I am so fortunate to be able to experience as many blessings as I do. From rain on the window to the smell of baking banana bread, there is a lot to always be thankful for!

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  3. Gratitude is so important! Great post and reminded me of another quote. 😉
    “Even on our worst days there is something to be thankful for, we just may need to dig a little deeper to find it.”

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  4. I get into rampages of saying that I appreciate everything, and phrase it like, “I love you chipmunks! I love you birds! I love you rocks! I love you trees!” and go on until I run out of things that I genuinely appreciate and love. I don’t usually use the word gratitude/thankfulness unless it means that I am so grateful/thankful for something that happened, like “I am so grateful that my partner is feeling better today”. It is really different to me than appreciating something just as it is, and gratitude is more a reaction to being given something in whatever form of event or item. Know what I mean?

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    1. I’m ok with grateful and thankful. I don’t appreciate indoor plumbing…I’m thankful for it. I appreciate chipmunks maybe, because I don’t rely on them in my day to day life

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  5. Along those lines, I read in the book of essays “Braiding Sweetgrass” about Native wisdom regarding this plant along the lines of “if you ignore it, it will go away.” Subsequent scientific research on plots bore this out. The harvested sweetgrass plots thrived. The control plots were taken over by other plants and the sweetgrass disappeared. Using and being grateful for the gifts that come our way is a good way to live.

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  6. I love “the things you take for granted might be the things that others pray for.” This is so true and a good reminder. The people I lived among in Mexico had so much less materially than I, but they were happy and grateful and less anxious. Among the many things I am thankful for is a reliable source for clean water. So many on planet Earth don’t have that.

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  7. This one struck a chord with lots of people when I included it as a prompt in my gratitude challenge. I may tweak it a bit next time to include a question about what might happen if we didn’t express (or acknowledge our feelings of) gratitude. Good questions LA, thanks 🙂

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