• Julia is a fun documentary if you like food, celebrity chefs and Julia
  • Soothr is a Thai restaurant in the East Village, and the feeling is supposed to be one of home and comfort. It totally succeeds. My chicken khao soi was rich and textured and delicious. The cocktails are all named after jewels, and they give the story, but I was so busy looking at all the plates around me that I kinda sorta forgot.
  • French toast filled with marscapone and apples and some candied bacon on the side and yum…
  • Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway was cute. Cute means wonderful for someone under ten. Which means…don’t bother.
  • I admit that I am normally drawn to the same works of art or antiquities that everyone else is. There are things just universally beautiful or interesting. but occasionally I stumble on something like the shepherd, and its dedication to Pan
  • Gallery 153 at the Met is just a beautifully orchestrated room. It’s one of the galleries that brings me peace. Would be nice if no one else knew about it thought…
  • Gifts From the Fire: American Ceramics from the Collection of Martin Eidelberg Gallery 773 closing 10/16/22
  • I saw Eternals (newest Marvel) in the theater. You will be eternally grateful that I told you to pass this one by.
  • Marks off Madison is by husband’s new favorite neighborhood place. As seen by my delicious French dip sandwich (FYI- that’s a half, and I couldn’t finish that. Portions not only yum, also huge)
  • The Frick has a temporary home on Madison Avenue. They don’t allow you to take pictures, but they did have a postcard of my favorite painting in the collection.
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Balloon Inflation. What the balloons look like mid inflation. And How do you not love Baby Yoda!!! And Snoopy!

42 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: November 28

  1. Honest to goodness I love your life experiences. Even living vicariously I am inspired! (Thanks for the tips on Doubtfire and Eternals) JB had one of the first screenings on Julia and loved it! Chris

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  2. You know, I just returned from an hour walk and ate my Greek yogurt with raspberries and a touch of coconut cream. Honestly, the food looked delicious but I would have to stay with a strict exercise regime or keep walking from uptown to downtown-30 blocks 3 times a week. Happy life!

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  3. Although the French toast and the dishes did look delicious! I enjoy walking around the neighborhood as it brings you in touch with many things that are happening. I always found walking in the city interesting. Back then a cup of coffee and a croissant would keep me satisfied while I walked!

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  4. I think I might like the architecture of Gallery 153 at the Met more than the architecture of the room that the Parthenon marbles are in at the British Museum. I think I prefer the Parthenon marbles, though. That said, there is something to be said for being in a room with marble statues carved so perfectly by people who lived 2,500 years ago.

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  5. Great pictures, LA! You would be great at directing visitors where to go. I like your comment that you are drawn to the art that everyone else likes – nothing wrong with that! It’s a good phrase, “universally beautiful.”

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  6. Oh my that French toast sounds delightful! I am having some this morning myself but it does not look like that. I didn’t watch the parade at all. Did you see Foreigner hanging around town? They were there and are one of my all time faves.

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  7. I was almost convinced by your post today that NYC could appeal to this outdoor space loving lady–5 acres of wooded land sounds perfect. Then my balloon popped faster than a Macy’s Day balloon could deflate. It was your picture of people with masks in a gallery. So sad. I just couldn’t do that. But thanks for bringing the many wonderful, positive aspects of your city to life. Your pictures show fun, deliciousness, and adventure.

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  8. So many fun things. I love how you can watch the Macy parade balloons as they are being inflated. That is super cool.
    You had me at French toast with marscapone.
    When I was a little girl, around the ages of 5-6. I watched Julia Child regularly on PBS. I’d be just as enthralled by her as I would by Mister Rogers. 🙂

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