My Mom told me I should use a different color eyebrow pencil- the one I was using is apparently too dark…

Isn’t every 57 years old woman grateful when her Mother tells her what kind of make up she should wear?

I am grateful that I wrote a post about parents giving advice this week- made me see the situation with a little bit of humor.

I am grateful for my dark brown eye pencil because I like it.

43 thoughts on “Gratitude Saturday: November 27

    1. Is she allowed to say it to me unsolicited? Whereโ€™s the line that someone can comment on anotherโ€™s appearance? What if it were weight, or being grey? Iโ€™m trying soooo hard not to give my daughter advice

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      1. Hmmm !My mother 75years old is always correcting me a 55 year old on cooking ,running the house ,my children and so many other issues .It gets irritating coz times have changed and somehow i feel its become her habit to scrutinize and judge me .
        She says she is just telling me .๐Ÿ˜‘

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  1. I was sad reading this. My mother is similar, she does this to me, my brothers, the grandkids, etc. She says it is HER DUTY to give advice, help us improve. Also, she will say that it is the way with Italians, they are overly observant of how people look and dress, so they must give advice. I have noticed this with some other Italians, they do feel they are the BEST in how they look/dress. Anyhow, at 82, she won’t change… if it becomes too much, I just don’t visit. AGREE WITH YOU, wear your dark eyebrow pencil. In the end, it comes down to how YOU feel about yourself. If you changed the color, NEXT TIME your mother will say it is too light, you need to go darker. My mother does this too… the switch-a-roo!

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    1. We need to stop commenting on others appearances. Itโ€™s not fair to hold someone to a standard they might not want to be held to. Everyone is allowed to do there own thing

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  2. I don’t wear makeup so mine can’t comment about that fortunately. We made it through our day together without too much controversy. There are still the issues about my sister (that she lives with) but other than the fact that mom is not happy that we don’t get along, we left it alone.

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  3. It sounds like your mom would have a negative comment about your eyebrow pencil color no matter what color you used. It’s sad. I’m sorry. I don’t think people should comment on other’s appearance in general. I had someone tell me recently that my bangs looked better when I had them cut professionally, as opposed to when I trim them myself in between hair appointments. While what she said might be true (at least sometimes), I can’t imagine saying that to someone …

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  4. I’m sure this is a habit which has always been present in certain people, but one suspect gets worse with age when the filters fall away. I’ve recently insisted that my mother owns any comment as being her opinion rather than an empirical statement – for example “I don’t like your hair that short” rather than “your hair’s too short”. I’m not sure she quite gets the distinction, but I don’t feel the need to challenge her opinion and can just smile in response. It is rude and entitled, the only thing to do is to set a boundary where you can be comfortable.

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