1. Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror The Whitney. This is a pretty comprehensive view of his work, curated very well. There is a companion exhibit in Philly that I would love to see too. Just an amazing career. Diver intrigued me the most as it was inspired by the suicide of poet Hart Crane- just sad and touching.
  2. My Barbarian- Whitney. This is one of those installation pieces that I just don’t understand at all. Also not sure if I care enough about it. (closes 2/27/22)
  3. Labyrinth of Forms: Women and Abstraction 1930-1950. This was a small but well curated exhibit. Glad they highlighted some women artists that often get overlooked. Of course there was one Lee Krasner…but that’s OK because the description didn’t mention her partner- she was allowed to be listed as an artist in her own right…
  4. Amazing to walk through Central Park and see the beautiful autumn colors, and then smack into holiday displays on Fifth Avenue
  5. NY Doc Festival: You know I love a film festival and I love shorts, so I was thrilled to see Shorts: New York, New York and the films: All Riders, The Andrew Yang Show, Flatbush! Flatbush!, When we Were Bullies. Also got to hear representatives of each film discuss the work. I always love to hear about the creative process of a film from someone who was there. Of course, hearing one of the speakers talk about their film as well as the film itself is going to be a blog in a few months. Inspiration everywhere…
  6. I was invited (through Roundabout Theater Company where I am a subscriber) to see an advance screening of The Humans. I saw his as a play on Broadway a few years back and it was wonderful. I saw this as a movie in the theater and it was less than wonderful. I think it’s often hard to film a successful play, even when in the hands of the playwright. But, it was cool to see writer/director Stephen Karam introduce the film.
  7. The tag line of Simo Pizza is: 90 Seconds to Napoli, because once the pizza is made, it’s only in the oven for 90 seconds. What you get is a tender, slightly chewy crust and the topics perfectly melded. Yum. If you’re going to The Whitney, this is conveniently located across the street.
  8. Belfast. SEE THIS MOVIE. Seriously- see this movie. I can’t imagine there will be a better film out this year. It has automatically jumped up to my internal list of best movies ever. Bravo.
  9. And- you must listen to soundtrack from Belfast. Van Morrison and Everlasting Love. Need I say more?
  10. Betty’s new trick is to pathetically wait next to my desk chair so that I pick her up and put her on the chair with me while I’m writing…
  11. Met- gallery 151 holds Minoan Gems, which served as seals to identify ownership before literacy became widespread. Thought that was really interesting. Also saw new pieces in the Masters and Masterpieces: Chinese Art from the Florence and Herbert Irving Collection. Just beautiful pieces.
  12. I love a cocktail bar. I like to sit in a dimly lit room, on a banquette or uber comfy bar stool and drink an overly expensive but well crafted cocktail. Thyme did not disappoint on any level. And look at how pretty the drinks are! Also, watching the bartender make the drinks was magic- they did this pour from one vessel to another and I can’t remember what it was called (talk about a time when I needed my notebook!) but Wow…go for the drinks and stay for the entertainment.
  13. TV- Just started Squid Games- why oh why am I so intrigued!?!?
  14. Going to mention The Comfort Book by Matt Haig. I only read a page a day so it could take me awhile to finish, but it’s the perfect little note to savor before bed, or when you first wake up, or anytime.

33 thoughts on “What Inspired Me: November 21

  1. Jasper Johns- knew I recognized some of those from some art course way back when but couldn’t think of the name. Belfast is on the list. As to alcohol, while I am stunned by the artistry of that cocktail, I had a 1/2 glass of pinot gris last night at dinner with my daughter (a minor retirement hurrah as she called it) had a headache and fell asleep on the couch.

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      1. I liked it, it was in top form for him..a nice return to whimsy from the super depressive Isle of Dogs (although that film was incredible). Truly a love letter to journalism of yesteryear with a wink at today’s sensationalistic news.

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    1. Jasper johns was incredible! But I need to go again because my brain can only absorb so much. Huge exhibit. She’s so cute I can’t stand it!!


  2. Thanks for alerting me to the fact the Jasper Johns is still alive – an iconic artist from one of my favorite ‘eras’ of art: Abstract Expressionism. A few years ago I immersed myself in an exhibit at the DAM (I love referencing the acronym! – the Denver Art Museum) called ‘the women of abstract expressionism’ and fell in love that much more with the art – and how artists create no matter the social ‘circumstances’ (ie-living under shadow of a male spouse-artist).

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    1. It crushes me when a female artist lives in the shadow of her spouse. I saw the original Frankenstein a few weeks ago. In the credits it said based on work of Mrs. Percy B Shelley

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